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“His inquisitive nature and joy in life make him an ideal companion.” AKC Standard

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Welcome to the Official AKC Parent Club of the Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier Club of America

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Welcome to the website of the Silky Terrier Club of America, the AKC Parent Club for the Silky Terrier. As the Silky Terrier’s foundation club, the STCA represents all sorts of Silky owners: responsible, preservation breeders, judges, and performance exhibitors -- anyone who loves this independent and feisty breed.

Looking for a Silky Terrier Puppy or Young Adult?

Read our articles about how to recognize a responsible Silky Terrier breeder, as well as what makes a responsible pet owner.

STCA Latest Articles

STCA 2024 National Specialty Logo

National Specialty Post

The Silky Terrier Club of America’s    2024 National Specialty   Timonium MD — Our Theme: “Under the Bigtop” We lost our original venue for the STCA 2024 National near Baltimore MD when our hotel closed, but we were able to secure a contract for our show venue with the Maryland State Fairgrounds. Our hotel […]
Buzzy as a Macho Small Dog

Macho Small Dogs

My Buzzy can be quite a pistol. I saw this when I took him in for his last eye check. As the vet approached him, Buzzy fixed him with a bright, intent eye. “Doesn’t bite, does he?” asked the vet. “Oh, no, not at all,” I said. And Buzzy was fine. Just wanted to let […]
A Smiling Silky Terrier

Do French Dogs Really Speak French?

I was in France a while back, watching a lady walking down the street chatting to her poodle. The small mop of a dog was looking up, following her every word. And I thought – do French dogs really speak French? I’ve wondered about this before. I sold a dog once to a Spanish-speaking family […]

Silky Terrier Club of America
Mission Statement

The goal of the Silky Terrier Club of America is to preserve, protect and promote Silky Terriers. Our members are dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership. The club is the custodian of the Breed Standard and educates judges, breeders, and pet owners about Silkys with written material and in-person seminars. We host regular Specialties (breed-specific dog shows) and Silky health initiatives and are proud supporters of Rescue.

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