The Silky Terrier Club of America

Silky Terrier Fanciers

On March 25, 1955, ten Silky Terrier fanciers met in Richmond CA at the home of Betty and Ronald Stegeman, and the Sydney Silky Terrier Club of America was formed. In July 1955 the club members voted to confirm the AKC’s preferred name, Silky Terriers, and so the group became the Silky Terrier Club of America.

STCA Stud Book

In 1956, the STCA Stud Book was set up. Sires, dams, and their offspring were recorded with the STCA and were registered with the Australian Royal Agriculture Society Kennel Club as well. By 1958 more than 400 Silkys were documented. On March 30, 1959, the club’s Stud Book was sent to the AKC along with 440 registration applications, each with a photo of the dog and a six-generation pedigree.

Silky Terrier Breed Milestone

On May 9, 1959, Silky Terriers were accepted by the AKC as their 113th breed to be shown in the Toy Group.

The Goal of the Silky Terrier Club of America

The goal of the STCA is to preserve, protect and promote Silky Terriers. Our members are dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership. The club is the custodian of the Breed Standard and educates about Silkys with written material and in-person seminars. We host regular National Specialties, Silky health initiatives, and support Rescue.

STCA National Specialties

national specialties

The first STCA National Specialty Show was held on November 19, 1961, in conjunction with the San Mateo Kennel Club. One National was held yearly until 1968; between 1968 and 1974, two were held, one in the East and another in the West. Ever since, there has been one National a year, held in rotation around the country. Entries peaked at the National in Orlando in 2000 and after that declined; post-pandemic, they are beginning to recover.

A National Specialty has never been just a dog show. Seminars have often been held with everyone from Pat Hastings to Jerrod Bell, DVM. There have always been ring-side mentors available to explain the finer points of the exhibits to potential Silky judges as well as anyone who would like to just learn more about the breed.

STCA Meet the Breeds

STCA Meet the Breeds

The STCA has regularly supported Meet the Breeds, most recently in Tampa FL, and NYC. Meet the Breeds is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested in getting a Silky to speak with knowledgeable fanciers and meet some Silky Terriers in person.

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