Books and Videos About the Silky Terrier

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  • The Silky Terrier (A Discussion of the Standard) by Peggy Smith, Beverly Lehnig, and Mary Estrin. (1984)
  • The Australian Silky Terrier by Miss J. Boyce (1981)
  • Loveable Silkies compiled by O.R. Scott (1963)
  • How To Raise and Train a Silky Terrier by Betty Young (1963)
  • The Australian Silky Terrier by Monty Hamilton-Wilkes (1965)
  • The Australian Terrier-The Australian Silky Terrier by Fred Wheatland (1964)
  • Your Silky Terrier by Beverly Lehnig (1972)
  • Silky Terriers by Martin Weil (1981)
  • This Is The Silky Terrier by Betty Young (1972)
  • Dogs of Australia by Kennel Control Council, Victoria (1973)
  • The Complete Dog Book by The American Kennel Club (all since 1959)
  • Getting To Know Your Silky Terrier by Dot Seabrook (1990)
  • The Complete Silky Terrier by Peggy Smith (1990)
  • Silky Terriers Today by Hingley, Marshall, & Wren (1996)
  • Australian Born, Australian Bred by Jan Boyce (1997)
  • Silky Terrier: A Complete and Reliable Handbook by Judith Tabler
  • Many of these books are “out of print” but you can find many of them in bookstores, dog shows, eBay, and online book sales. You may need to do a little shopping to find them.

Videos Available:

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