The STCA Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is established in accordance with the objectives of the Silky Terrier Club of America as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Silky Terrier Club of America, Inc.. It is intended to set forth minimum standards of practice to which the STCA would have its members adhere to as they strive to accomplish the goals and purposes set forth in the Club Constitution. Violators of the Code of Ethics may be subject to action under STCA disciplinary procedures.


  • Members shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Silky Terrier Club of America and the rules of the American Kennel Club.
  • All members, and those applying for membership, shall by their application and/or renewal of membership, agree to abide by and follow the guidelines outlined in the Code of Ethics.
  • All members shall conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the club, the breed, and the sport of purebred dogs. They should always keep in mind that they and their dogs represent the breed, the STCA, and the sport of purebred dogs in general.
  • Members are required to maintain good sportsmanship at all events and competitions, abiding by the applicable rules and regulations set forth by the governing bodies for such events and competitions.
  • Dogs must be maintained with their safety and good health in mind at all times, including appropriate socialization, housing, grooming, feeding, exercise, and veterinary care.

Breeding and Sales:

  • Every breeding shall be done with the intention of the preservation and betterment of the breed according to the STCA Breed Standard, taking into consideration matters of structure, health, and temperament, as well as the ability of the breeder to be responsible for the puppies produced.
  • Before deciding to produce a litter, the breeder should plan for the proper placement of puppies. Breeders are responsible for the puppies they produce. Therefore they are responsible for taking back or helping re-home any dog they sell, regardless of the reason or circumstances necessitating return. This is not the responsibility of STCA Rescue.
  • Members will only sell puppies, permit stud service, and/or lease any stud dogs or brood bitches to individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give proper care and attention to the animals concerned, and who may be expected to act within the intent of the statements of this code of ethics.
  • A member of the Silky Terrier Club of America will not sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet shops, research facilities, commercial dealers, act as brokers for litter lot sales, or any other commercial enterprise whose business is involved in like dealings.
  • All stock leaving the breeder’s possession should be at least eight weeks of age; the breeder shall provide buyer (s) with written directions on feeding, general care, all health and vaccination records, and a written health guarantee of pups at the time of place of sale. Puppies should have received at least one set of appropriate vaccinations before being placed and instructions on what other vaccinations are needed and when should be included.
  • All breeding stock shall be of sound temperament typical of the Silky Terrier breed, in good health and condition, including freedom from communicable disease and internal and/or external parasites. It is suggested that no dog be used for breeding that is known to be affected with, or a carrier, of inherited health problems such as Juvenile Cataracts, PRA, hereditary epilepsy, Leggs Perthes, hereditary hypothyroidism, oxalate stones, hereditary luxating patellae, hip dysplasia or any other condition which can negatively affect the health of the progeny.
  • All breeders are strongly encouraged to test and have all breeding stock certified clear of known inherited problems within the breed. This information should be made available to persons purchasing related puppies. If a dog or bitch to be bred has produced hereditary health problems in past breedings it must be disclosed to the prospective breeding stock buyer or person receiving stud services. If a breeding animal is diagnosed with a hereditary health problem then reasonable efforts must be made to inform owners of the offspring of that animal if it may affect the health or ethical breeding of those dogs.
  • Breeding stock shall be kept under sanitary conditions, kept clean and free of mats & dirt, and given maximum health care protection through worming, inoculations, and close contact with veterinary care.
  • Only healthy, mature bitches/dogs of quality are to be bred, preferably after 18 months of age and/or not before the second season and it is encouraged that all non-breeding animals be spayed or neutered.


  • Breeding stock and puppies will be registered with The American Kennel Club, and/or the appropriate counterpart of the American Kennel Club within the country of its origin. All members will keep complete and accurate records of individual dogs, litters, breedings, pedigrees, and puppy sales as required by that kennel club.


Breeders shall provide a minimum three-generation pedigree on an appropriate form and will complete and deliver all forms necessary for registration and/or change of ownership. Such forms are to be provided to the new owner(s) in a timely manner. All transactions will be covered by a written, signed sales agreement between the parties.

  • Silkys placed in non-breeding pet homes should be placed with spay/neuter contracts and/or on limited registration. If not done prior to placement, the new owner must abide by a written agreement with the breeder to have the necessary procedure done in a timely manner and to furnish proof, either in the form of a written, signed statement from the veterinarian or in a copy of the invoice submitted by the veterinarian for the services rendered. In either case, it is recommended the statement or the copy of the invoice be submitted on the official letterhead of the veterinarian or the clinic.
  • Breeders should make themselves available and be mentors to all purchasers to help with silkys they have placed, be it health issues, training issues, or the need to re-home a dog.


  • All advertising must be factual. No offering of Silky Terriers at bargain prices, nor so worded as to attract undesirable buyers, or to encourage raising Silky Terriers as a ‘money-making scheme’.
  • No silky terrier will be offered or sold for raffles, give-away prizes, or other such events.

Any person or persons in violation of the above is subject to suspension by the STCA Board of Directors and/or Disciplinary Committee as set forth in STCA By-Laws.

A written complaint must be submitted to the Code of Ethics Committee with a $20 fee and any proof available. If the allegation is found to have merit the fee will be refunded. A Committee will look into the allegations: first by a letter to the person in violation of the Code of Ethics, followed by letters and/or comments by interviewed people, and lastly by a visit if necessary. (by someone in the immediate area) The report will then be given to the Board along with recommendations. The committee will keep all complaints on file for future review if necessary.

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