Meet the Breeds -Tampa and NYC

Girl cuddling with a Silky

The STCA had a booth at the AKC’s Meet the Breeds on April 24, 2022, in Tampa FL.

Why should we bother with Meet the Breeds?

Those of us who know and love Silkys need no convincing, but there are many people out there who have no idea what the breed is like or even — gasp — that there is such a thing.

There is no way that anyone wants the troubles associated with an overly popular breed. But when three-quarters of the people one meets say “Silky what?” — we have a recognition problem.

STCA Booth in Tampa FL April 24, 2022.
STCA Booth in Tampa FL April 24, 2022.

Our booth was run by club members Johanna Shewan and Sandy Mesmer, and while the photos and flyers were helpful, most people just wanted to see the dogs. Johanna and Sandy both brought a couple of four-legged ambassadors, and they were the real heroes.  There is nothing more effective than hanging out with an actual Silky to see what a great breed they are!

Kid playing with a Silky

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