The Silky Terrier
Small Dog, Big Heart

What makes a Silky Terrier a Silky Terrier?

You might say, it’s how he acts! Yes, he is a true toy terrier “of sufficient substance to suggest the ability to hunt and kill rodents.” (From the AKC Standard). And yes, “His inquisitive nature and joy of life make him an ideal companion”. (Also from the AKC Standard). That is all true, but just part of the picture. Like any breed, you should be able to see a small dog across the room and say… “that’s a Silky.”

Here are photos of real, quality Silkys that embody our standard.

None are perfect of course, because a perfect dog doesn’t exist, but each one LOOKS like our breed, per our Standard.

Are you looking for a Silky Terrier?

More than 90% of people looking for a Silky Terrier puppy or young adult have had a Silky before. Silky owners are very loyal! Yet we are a Low Entry Breed (which means that we are under a certain number of dogs entered at AKC Conformation shows), so the breed can be difficult to find. 

We have a list of member breeders for you to peruse. While each member has signed our Code of Ethics, the club encourages prospective buyers to do their own due diligence, and the STCA is not responsible for any difficulties a puppy buyer may have. So that you know what to look for in a breeder, check out here “What Makes A Responsible Breeder”. You might be surprised! Also, as everything in life is a two-way street, check out our article on “What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner”. You have responsibilities too!

Are you looking for a Silky Terrier rescue?

Through the Silky Terrier Charitable Trust, an independent organization founded by the STCA, the club supports Rescue, as it is vital to ensure that every Silky can find a home. You can find the STRCT facebook page here.

Silky Terrier Agility

Resources for New Silky Terrier Owners

Having a new dog can be daunting. While being in touch with your breeder is vital, it can be helpful to have a library of articles about training and Silky Health as well.  Check out our resource library for a plethora of information pertaining to the Silky Terrier.

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