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National Specialty Post

The Silky Terrier Club of America’s    2024 National Specialty   Timonium MD — Our Theme: “Under the Bigtop” We lost our original venue for the STCA 2024 National near Baltimore MD when our hotel closed, but we were able to secure a contract for our show venue with the Maryland State Fairgrounds. Our hotel […]
Buzzy as a Macho Small Dog

Macho Small Dogs

My Buzzy can be quite a pistol. I saw this when I took him in for his last eye check. As the vet approached him, Buzzy fixed him with a bright, intent eye. “Doesn’t bite, does he?” asked the vet. “Oh, no, not at all,” I said. And Buzzy was fine. Just wanted to let […]
A Smiling Silky Terrier

Do French Dogs Really Speak French?

I was in France a while back, watching a lady walking down the street chatting to her poodle. The small mop of a dog was looking up, following her every word. And I thought – do French dogs really speak French? I’ve wondered about this before. I sold a dog once to a Spanish-speaking family […]
A Yorkie and a Silky Terrier

A Yorkie or a Silky – What’s the Difference?

We’ve all walked down the street and complimented someone’s small, silver-coated dog as a Silky Terrier, only to be told, “This is a Yorkshire!” Then trying to be politically correct, we call the next one we see we call a Yorkie only to be told – “Can’t you tell the difference? This is a Silky!” […]
Silky not from a show breeder

But I Don’t Need a Show Dog!

by Terri Lewin Gilbert Why do people recommend choosing a breeder who shows and titles their dogs to folks who are just looking for a pet and have no interest in showing? Why should breeding to Breed Standard be important to a pet home? Does it seem excessive, or “snobby”? It’s not, and here’s why. […]
how to silky terriers

Silky Terrier Dog Breed – How to Guide

by Norma Baugh Silky Terrier Dog Breed – The Plural of Silky is “Silkys”  Physical Characteristics Silky Terriers are fine-boned but with substance of muscle, built low to the ground and slightly longer than their height. A wedge-shaped head defines the breed as a Terrier, and small, V-shaped, erect ears give proof to their alert […]
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