The sponsorship of a new STCA Standard (Voting) Member for membership or change in status from Associate Member to Standard Membership is one of the major responsibilities the STCA Standard Member faces.  It should not be taken lightly, as this Applicant, if approved, is eligible to vote on all Parent Club matters, including amendments to the Bylaws, election of officers, changes to the Silky Terrier Breed Standard, election of judges for the National Specialty, etc.  and may become a leader and contributor to the STCA in the future.

If you do not know the Applicant well enough to answer the questions, please decline to be a sponsor.

If you would prefer to download a  Sponsorship Form to print out and fill in, click here.

Please introduce the prospective member to this committee. Describe the type of interactions you have had with the applicant.  Please provide detailed information describing how and why you feel this applicant will be a positive addition to STCA. Please be thorough.  This information will help the Membership Coordinator and the Board of Directors to learn about the applicant.  The information provided is considered confidential and will only be used by the Membership Coordinator and the Board of Directors.  It will not be shared with the applicant.

STCA Sponsorship Form

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