Sponsor Requirements & Expectations

  1. Sponsors must be an STCA Regular (Voting) member in good standing for at least two years.
  2. Sponsors are expected to know the applicant well and believe the prospective member will be an asset to the Silky Terrier Club of America. Membership in the STCA is a privilege, and we expect all STCA members to serve the club and the welfare of the breed by serving on a committee, contributing to fund-raising activities, and/or helping at an STCA sponsored event.
  3. Sponsors should make prospective members aware that this is an active club.  We give priority consideration to applicants who already have served on a local or national breed club, an all-breed club or a local performance events club.  There should be a reasonable expectation that the applicant will be active in the STCA.
  4. Sponsors must realize that the applicants they sponsor will have voting rights in the Silky Terrier Club of America and must possess the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.
  5. Sponsors must be fully committed to supporting any applicant they recommend, therefore, sponsors must be more than acquaintances of the applicant.  A detailed letter of introduction of the applicant is required.  A sponsor must be willing to participate in a phone interview with the Membership Coordinator or a Board Member if there are questions that need clarification.
  6. Sponsors are responsible for submitting Endorsement Forms to the Membership Coordinator in a timely manner.  Applications will not be acted upon until complete, including both Sponsor Endorsement Forms. 
  7. Each STCA Standard (Voting) member may sponsor up to four applicants per calendar year.  The sponsorship is counted in the year in which the Endorsement Form is signed.  The acceptance or rejection of an applicant has no bearing on the number of sponsorships per member.

If you wish to endorse an applicant, please complete the Endorsement Form

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