STCA Standard Voting Member Application Checklist

Thank you for your interest in joining STCA.  Please follow the checklist below when completing your application.  If your application is incomplete, it will be returned to you and that will delay the application process.

When a completed application is received, including the completion of the Sponsor Endorsement Form by two Standard (Voting) Members who have been Standard Members for more than two years, the application will be reviewed.  After reviewing the application, the information from your application request is published in the STCA monthly newsletter.  Thirty (30) days after publishing your application for member comment, your application is submitted to the STCA Board of Directors for their review during their next monthly meeting.  The entire process may take four to six months.

  • Name and address on the application complete and accurate?
  • Have you completed the Club Membership and General Information sections?
  • Have you signed and dated the application?
  • Have you signed and dated the Membership Application?  The Information Sheet?
  • Have you signed and dated the Code of Ethics?
  • Have you contacted two qualified sponsors and have both completed and signed the Sponsor Form?
  • Have you paid $35.00 electronically? If you made a paper application, you can pay by PayPal or a check made out to the STCA.  ($25.00 for Annual Dues and $10.00 Application Fee)

Please download from the website:  Bylaws, Silky Terrier Breed Standard

Please contact STCA Membership Coordinator Sandy Mesmer at with any questions.


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