Standing Rules Revised May 2023



Preface………………………………………………………….                                       3

Section I – Policies & Procedures……………………………                                       4

  • General Policies and Procedures
  • Duties & Established Procedures
    • Board of Directors
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Discipline
    • Time-Affected Deadlines
Section II – Committees/Coordinators………………………                                       7
  • AKC Delegate
  • AKC Gazette Columnist
  • Annual Awards Coordinator
  • Annual Awards & Recognition
  • Breeder Referral Coordinator
  • Champion Pin Coordinator
  • Committee Coordinator
  • Code of Ethics Committee
  • Custodian/Historian
  • Facebook/Facebook Coordinator
  • Health Coordinator
  • Judges Education Coordinator
  • Judges Selection Coordinator
  • Legislative Alert Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Nominating Committee
  • Promotional Materials Coordinator
  • Regional Clubs & Supported Entry
  • Rescue Charitable Trust Fund
  • Silky Teens Coordinators
  • Specialty Coordinator
  • Specialty Show Chair
  • Statistician Coordinator
  • Sunshine Coordinator
  • Temporary or Special Purpose Committees
  • Ways & Means Committee
  • Webmaster/Website Coordinator
  • Yearbook Editor
  • Miscellaneous
Section III – Special Detailed Club Management.................................... 13


  • Awards and Recognitions General
    • Three-Time Win Trophies
    • Canine Good Citizen Recognition
    • Twenty-Year Continuous Membership Plaques
    • Forty-Year Continuous Membership Recognition Award
    • STCA Pins in Recognition of Obedience & Performance Events
    • STCA Pins in Recognition of Members’ First Champion
    • Register of Merit (ROM) & Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX) Titles
    • The Peggy Smith Distinguished Service Award
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Custodian/Historian
  • Facebook/Facebook Coordinator
  • Financial Procedures
  • Health Fund
  • Legislative Fund
  • Membership
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Nominating Committee
  • Regional Clubs & Supported Entry
  • Statistician
  • Silky Teens
  • Ways & Mean
  • Website/Webmaster
  • Yearbook Editor
Section IV – Voting, Ballots, Elections…………………………..                                     23
  • Sample Ballot
  • Sample Resumes



A Parent Club is charged with maintaining the integrity of our chosen breed. The Parent Club is to be aware of any health issues that may be prevalent and to keep members advised. The Parent Club is to maintain the AKC Silky Terrier Standard as written, approved and accepted by AKC and the members of STCA.

Bylaws are the written rules agreed upon by the members of an organization to formalize how decisions can be made and business conducted. After adopting a set of Bylaws, an organization can decide to further supplement and clarify the bylaws.

Standing rules are rules or resolutions that are of a continuing (or standing) nature. These rules deal only with administrative matters and function under the umbrella of the organization's bylaws.

In June 2008 STCA accepted and approved new Bylaws which were filed by STCA’s attorney in the State of California and may be downloaded for printout.

A “Standing Rule” may be revised by the Board of Directors or a majority Membership vote.

A “Standing Rule” that has been voted on ‘by the membership’ will take a membership vote to revise or delete (signified by a date of member vote).

SECTION I - Policies and Procedures

General Policies and Procedures

  1. Corporate Name: The official corporate name is Silky Terrier Club of America, Inc.… it is not preceded by the word “The”. (If “the” is used in front of our name the “t” would always be in )
  2. The plural spelling of Silky will be SILKYS. (member vote1982)
  3. The Board recommends that Specialties be held approximately one year apart with the Spring months of March through June being preferred. (1990)
  4. The Board Minutes are to be published monthly in the STCA
  5. The original STCA Mascot and the Logo adopted in 1989 are for Club use only. The Logo adopted is to be used on all Club supplies when a logo is desired. (member vote 1989) The logo should always be shown facing LEFT so that the tail is correct per the standard.
  6. Club Year
    • The Club’s fiscal year shall be the calendar year January 1 through December
    • The Club’s official year shall begin on February 1 and shall continue through January (This is for terms of Officers and Board Members)
    • Each retiring officer shall turn over to their successor in office all properties and records relating to that office within thirty (30) days after the election.
  7. The complete list of committee appointments for the year should be put in the Newsletter as soon as possible after each new Board takes office in Feb.
  8. The membership roster will not be released to outside commercial inquiries. (member vote1987)
  9. Board-approved flyers/questionnaires from outside sources will be sent with our Newsletter, but the requesting source must furnish said The Board has the option of requesting additional postage cost with the flyer if the said flyer is more than one page. (1987) (1990)
  10. Personal messages may not be included in any official STCA correspondence. (e.g. Newsletters, Ballots, anything on Club stationery) (1986) The Newsletter Editor may include messages requesting photo postage or additional information on a submitted article etc. as these are of a business nature. (1988)
  11. All papers necessary to the Club for its records are Club property and are not returnable as long as they are not original papers (pedigrees etc.) of a member or Silky owner.
  12. Club Members will be reimbursed for Board-approved travel expenses to Board-approved conferences/events (2005). The maximum amount is $250.00. (2005)
  13. NO Club correspondence or publications may be used by anyone without prior permission from the Board. (2006)
  14. For all Silky Terrier of America board-approved educational events such as Judges Education programs and Meet the Breeds events, the Silky Terriers presented must adhere closely to the American Kennel Club Silky Terrier breed standard including that the tail is docked .(2020)

The Duties and Established Procedures (Bylaws Art IV & V)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the MANAGEMENT of the Club’s affairs. They can make any decisions which, in their opinion, are of benefit to the Club and are not in conflict with the Club’s Bylaws.


In her letter of January 13, 1983, the Club’s knowledgeable Parliamentarian, the late Laurel Gilbertson wrote concerning the vote of the President: “Our organization is set up that the President is also the Chairman of the Board. The accepted procedure is that the Chairman votes only to break a tie. In our unique system of conducting Board business by mail, the Chairman should give her input to the questions and cast her vote pro or con. The Secretary should tally the Board member’s votes and only use the

The chairman’s vote to break a tie should be shown as such. For your information, a tie vote defeats a motion. Any Board member can re-submit such a motion to the Board re-worded to clarify the issue or by the addition of new input.” Please note that a tie vote defeats a motion.

 (Any action/policy determined by membership vote cannot be reversed without membership vote.)

 The Board should ensure the membership is kept current on Board decisions by the monthly Board Report provided by the Secretary and published in the Newsletter.

The Board Business under discussion is not confidential information, only the individual memo replies and votes are private.

All Board Members should make every attempt to determine the opinions of the membership since they are elected to represent the membership.


  1. The President makes certain all Club and Board activities, including the monthly memos, are put on a schedule, and completed as scheduled so that the business of the Club is conducted in a businesslike manner.
  2. Make sure that all new Officers and Board Members have a copy of the STCA
  3. Coordinates with the Secretary the items of business for the monthly Board Memos, and the Monthly Board Report (for publication in the Newsletter).
  4. Shall preside at Board meetings and General
  5. The President will respond to discussion items during monthly meetings and the Secretary will solicit the President’s vote in the event of a tie vote. (2005)
  6. Should use the President’s Corner in the Newsletter to keep the membership informed of current Board Business and issues of concern. The President should solicit ideas and suggestions from the membership as well as keep them informed of deadlines, AKC rulings, etc.
  7. The President and Secretary compile/update the Annual Calendar which should be included with the Newsletter as a separate page insert no later than the February Newsletter.

Vice President

  1. The Vice President will exercise the duties of the President in case of the President’s absence or incapacity.
  2. Acts as Committee (1987)
  3. Ensure all new Coordinators or Chairs understand their duties and the policies and procedures that pertain to their jobs.
  4. Shall assist the President in assuring that all Coordinators are aware of any job-related deadlines that involve updating the Members or need membership input/nominees/votes.
  5. Reminds all Coordinators and Committee Chairs to submit their annual reports and then summarizes these reports for the Officers and Board Members.
  6. Determines if current Coordinators desire to continue their positions and relays this information to the President for planning appointments for the ensuing year.


  1. The Secretary sends copies of all Club correspondence, on behalf of the Club or from the membership, to the President.
  2. The Secretary has specific annual duties which are:
    1. Notify AKC of the Club’s election
    2. Assist the Specialty Chair in filing the necessary AKC application forms for the Specialty date and judge in time to avoid any late penalties by AKC.
    3. Acts as temporary Treasurer in an
    4. Works with the President to coordinate Board memos, and prepare the monthly Board Activity Reports for the Newsletter.
    5. Arranges for the notice of the Annual Meeting to be in the Newsletter at least 30 days prior to the meeting date.
    6. Gets any nominating committee/election information to the membership as directed in the Bylaws.
    7. Sends summary of current business to those newly elected and begins sending copies of monthly memos for their information noting that their input is not required until they are officially in office.
    8. Sends reports of the Annual Meetings and a summary of the Annual Board Meeting for inclusion in the Newsletter.
    9. Works with the President to compile/update the Annual
    10. See that updates to the STCA Standing Rules are compiled periodically and that these updates are made available to the membership, stores, and distributes copies of the STCA Standing Rules; and keeps records of policies and job procedure changes implemented by the Board to reference for future updates (2005).


  1. Keeps detailed STCA financial
  2. Pays all bills within 10 days of receipt and makes a weekly
  3. The Treasurer’s position is bonded for an amount set by the
  4. Submits monthly financial reports to the Board via the President and/or
  5. Submits a monthly totals report for the
  6. Presents and discusses finances with the auditor
  7. Advises the Board of any situation which might lead to a financial
  8. Coordinates with the Secretary to notify the Board of any Members not “in good standing” with the Club due to their financial obligations to the Club.
  9. Assures the Club’s insurance coverage is
  10. Sends the final Specialty Financial Report for the Newsletter and the


  1. The Bylaws state the procedures to follow in matters of See STCA Bylaws Article VIII.
  2. No STCA Member (in any capacity) shall make a monetary profit helping the club. (2003)
  3. STCA will in no way become involved in individual or personal disputes between members of the
  4. STCA benefits cease during the period of a Member’s suspension. They may not vote. They are deleted from the Breeders List and STCA talk Breeders List. They will not be sent Newsletters and their dogs’ pictures will not be featured. Donations of any nature cannot be accepted from them during suspension. Advertising for the Specialty Catalog or Yearbook cannot be accepted during this time. (Said member must apply to the Board in writing to be added back to the list AND MUST SIGN THE CODE OF ETHICS AGAIN). (1988) (Bylaws Art VIII Sec 9)

Time-Affected Deadlines

  1. All deadlines will mean “Received By” – unless noted in the Bylaws as “Postmarked By” (1988) (1990)

Section II Committees/Coordinators

The Vice President is designated as the STCA Committee Coordinator. (1987) The President may appoint special committees as needed during the year subject to Board approval. The Vice President will submit all suggestions to the Board for Approval.

  1. The Board of Directors appoints all Coordinators/Committees.
  2. Appointments are on an annual basis (unless otherwise noted).
  3. Chairpersons are required to send activity reports to the Committee Coordinator by December This report should indicate which current committee members would be willing to serve on the committee in the coming year. This information will help the Board in the New Year committee member appointments. (1987)
  4. There are no budgets set up for any Committee. The Treasurer should be consulted regarding operating expenses. These are usually covered if the receipts are turned in to the Any unusual Committee expense requests or needs should be presented to the Board in advance and these will be considered on an individual basis.
  5. To indicate the permanent or standing Committees they will be called Coordinators or given a specific name. e.g. Newsletter Editor. (1987)
  6. All Coordinators should be aware of and use the standard forms/letters/notices available for use in carrying out the duties of the committee.
  7. It is important for Coordinators to remember the designated STCA Custodian of Historical Facts & Items gets a Club copy of annual records, books printed items, or Specialty “Mementos” that result from a committee's work. These need to be kept as part of Club history.
  8. All Coordinators should keep a file of any forms/letters/reports related to the job along with details of current job procedures. This file should be passed on to the next person designated to take the position.

AKC Delegate

  1. The STCA Delegate to The American Kennel Club shall be selected by the Board of Directors subject to the approval of The American Kennel Club.
  2. The Delegate should keep track of the monthly Board Minutes published in the Newsletter to enable him/her to be better informed of the Board’s actions. (1976)

AKC Gazette Columnist (Appointed by Board)

  1. This position will be an annual (1987)
  2. “The Gazette” c/o AKC must be notified by letter when a new Columnist is appointed. AKC will not accept a column from anyone without notification/approval of the Breed Club.
  3. AKC prefers the articles be sent via E-mail or on a (This should be a consideration when selecting a new Columnist).
  4. There is a 3-month advance deadline to meet.
  5. Be sure the STCA History Custodian is sent a copy of every column. These should be scrapbook-ready copies of the actual Gazette articles, not the writer’s copy. (These are for the Club’s history records and need only be sent annually rather than as a mailing for each column).

Awards & Recognitions (Special Detail Sec III)

Breeder Referral Coordinator

  1. Listed with AKC as the contact person for STCA Breeder
  2. Responsible for referring inquiries to the proper person in the area from which inquiry This is handled without partiality to any Member.

Champion Pin Coordinator

  1. Is in charge of the First Champion Pins and keeps a record of Members receiving
  2. Places reminder notices in the Newsletter prior to the Specialty reminding members to notify the coordinator if they are to receive a pin in a given ( It is each Member’s responsibility to inform the Coordinator when they finish their first champion in the same year it finishes
  3. Check the AKC report to verify the date Championship and the date of the owner’s membership to determine
  4. Mail pins to Members not attending the Awards Banquet and provide a list of those earning a pin to be announced at the Awards Dinner.
  5. Keeps the Board informed when pins need to be

Committee Coordinator

  1. Responsibility of Vice President.
  2. Makes sure that all coordinators/chairpersons understand their duties and the policies and guidelines that pertain to performing their jobs.
  3. Keep all Coordinators informed of any job-related deadlines involving updating the Members or getting membership input.
  4. Collecting all Coordinators/Chairpersons annual reports (Dec 31st) and summarizes these reports for the Officers and Board Members Jan of each year.
  5. Inquires as to whether current Coordinators desire to continue their positions and relays this information to the President for planning appointments for the ensuing year.

Code of Ethics Committee (Appointed by Board)

The purpose of the Code of Ethics Committee is to educate STCA Members on their responsibility to the Silky Terrier breed and STCA’s Code of Ethics. Additionally, when charges against another Member are alleged, the Code of Ethics Committee will have the responsibility to recommend, in a written report, whether the Board of Directors should entertain jurisdiction. The Code of Ethics Committee has ten (10) days from receipt of the charges from the Secretary to file its report with the Secretary/Board.

The Code of Ethics Committee will be comprised of three (3) STCA Members; one (1) member will be the Chairperson. The STCA Board of Directors, on an annual basis, will make these appointments. (01/2013)

To help the Club interpret appropriate responses in matters of

  1. To be aware of the AKC suspensions noted in the Gazette and notify the President, Secretary, and Trophy Chair immediately when an STCA Member is noted as suspended by AKC. (1989)
  2. The only time the Code of Ethics Committee or Chair can act on any disciplinary action without Board consultation is when the AKC suspends a Member. STCA Bylaws state: Article VIII, Sec 1, “American Kennel Club Suspension. Any Member who is suspended from the privileges of The American Kennel Club automatically shall be suspended from the privileges of this Club for a like period. (1989) (2005)
  3. Suggested form letters are provided for informing an AKC-suspended Member of STCA’s policy. The Ethics Coordinator sends this notification. (1987)

Custodians – Historian (Special Detail Sec III)

Record keeping on Silkys in the USA began well before the time of AKC's recognition of the Breed. A few very dedicated Silky owners kept these records. It was thanks to their efforts that Silkys gained AKC recognition and that STCA was started. Now it is the responsibility of STCA to ensure continued record keeping for the breed and for STCA activities.

Approved reviewing available STCA/SILKY history information and locating/collecting incomplete information. In 2002 the Board approved scanning as much of this info as possible on permanent media for our Club history.

Health Coordinator

  1. Compiles information on any health problems with Silkys and reports to the
  2. Locates and recommends to the Board research groups to consider as recipients of our Health Fund
  3. Arrange health education seminars beginning with the 2007 (2006)

Facebook: Facebook Coordinator (Special Detail Sec III) Facebook — Silky Terrier Club of America Members Only

The purpose of the members-only STCA FB group is to act as a private forum where STCA members can positively engage with other members. This includes instant access to information and pursues member-only discussions in real-time. It is to be a chat room and a messenger board for Specialty updates and other timely news pertinent to STCA members. (2022)


Judges Education Coordinator

This position was created in 1988 in accordance with the AKC request that the Club designate a contact to inform the club of education efforts or potential ideas from AKC and to ensure that AKC receives any information sponsored by the Club that might be informative to judges studying the Silky breed.

  1. This is an annual appointment, but frequent change is not recommended. The education Coordinator’s name appears with the Club listing in the Gazette.
  2. The Coordinator implements educational seminars in conjunction with our Specialty Shows and requests for Breed Seminars as appropriate using the approved Seminar/Mentors list.
  3. Maintains the Educational materials to be used by presenters and sees that each presenter has all necessary supplies, certificates, and handouts.
  4. Maintains an AKC and STCA-approved Mentors list – updated
  5. Coordinates breed education programs for judges and Silky fanciers during the

Judges Selection Coordinator (Appointed by Board)

(See Specialty Judges Selection Parameters )

This position is best held by a member who no longer actively shows dogs.

  1. Handles the process of selecting Judges for Specialty and Sweepstakes
    1. Specialty Judge selected by Membership Ballot with all Silky approved Judges sent with each member selecting top 10 choices.
    2. Effective in 2016 the 10 Judges' names will be sent to the Membership for order of selection. The Judge with the most votes will be the 1st to be contacted and so on down the Repeated every 2 years. (8/2012)
    3. Handles sending out a list of people nominated for Sweepstakes Judge and collects the ballots for final selection.
  2. Contract letter to be sent to the judge and signed copy kept on file with Show Chair, Specialty Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer.


  1. Handles all Hospitality contact with Judges

Legislative Alerts Coordinator

  1. The Coordinator keeps up on the national legislation and informs Club Members as to current affairs by email list or Newsletter.
  2. May establish assistants in different locations across the

Media/Communications Committee: Communications Coordinator

The STCA Media/Communications Committee is intended to coordinate all the media outlets of the STCA. These are the website, the yearbook, the newsletter, and the members-only FB group, the Silky Terrier Club of America. The Media/Communications Committee is chaired by the Communications Coordinator and consists of the Chairs of each group. Its purpose is to ensure that each platform utilizes its own unique strengths and that duplicated efforts between the outlets are minimized. (2022)

Membership Coordinator (Special Detail Sec III)

This is a very important task and needs computer skills. It needs monthly attention and accountability.

Newsletter Editor (Special Detail Sec III)

This job is continuous – every month a Newsletter is published. Computer skills are necessary as well as commitment to this job.


STCA Newsletter is a publication authorized to carry official notices, reports, and official commentary issued under the auspices of the STCA. The purpose of the Newsletter is to be the monthly official club media and communications platform. It is intended to give members general information regarding club business, communications mandated by the STCA Standing Rules, deadline reminders, and the latest wins and articles of interest. (2022)

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor is to accumulate the materials for and publish a monthly Newsletter to be distributed to STCA Members. (2022)

Nominating Committee (Bylaws Art VI) (Special Detail Sec III)

The Nominating Committee is appointed annually by the Board. The Committee's job is to present to the membership a suggested slate of Officers and Board Members for the coming year.  This is an important committee as the choices they put before the membership will determine the management for the Club’s future.

Selection of a Nominating Committee

  1. In May the Board of Directors shall select a Nominating
  2. It will consist of five (5) Members and two (2)
  3. All of whom shall have been Members of the Club for three (3) consecutive
  4. Not more than one of whom shall be a current Member of the

Promotional Materials Coordinator

  1. Responsible for maintaining and updating promotional materials provided by
  2. Responsible for getting promotional materials out as requested by

Regional Club/Supported Entry (Special Detail Sec III)

Rescue Charitable Trust

Silky Rescue is a separate organization supported by STCA. There is to be one representative from the current STCA Board sitting as a trustee on the Silky Rescue Board. This may change from year to year and is mainly for the purpose of communication between STCA and Rescue. STCA will continue to support Rescue both physically and financially. Collection of donations on renewal forms, percentage of annual auction (from net profits), and offer of vendor space at Specialties to continue.

SilkyTeens Coordinators (Special Detail Sec III)

  1. Their purpose is to research ways the Club can better serve our Teen Members and/or stimulate interest in Jr. Showmanship. They will coordinate Teen activities toward this purpose. (1987)
  2. Keeps any SilkyTeen-related statistics for awards (1987)

Specialty Coordinator (Separate Guideline Available)

Specialty Show Chair (Separate Guideline Available) The Specialty Show Chair works as a partner with the Specialty Coordinator.

Statistician Coordinators (Special Detail Sec III)

Breed Statistics Coordinator

  1. Records to be kept and sent annually to Newsletter, Board, Yearbook
    1. Chronological records of all BIS/BISS and Group Placements
    2. Champion get for ROM & ROMX Titles
    3. AKC Champions Titled
    4. Individual Breeders for Breeders Listing
  2. Required reports purchased from AKC
    1. Monthly AKC report of Silkys Titled
    2. Silkys Iradell Annual Report ($120.00)
    3. Silkys in Competition ($200.00)
    4. Obedience Competition Titles Annual Report ($120.00)
    5. Agility Competition Titles Annual Report ($120.00)

Obtain Reports from: <> ATTENTION: Rob Garrett Electronic Reporting Group - American Kennel Club

8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617

  1. The coordinators order the certificates for the annual presentation at the Specialty Banquet or mail them to those Members not present at the dinner.

Performance Events/Statistics Coordinator

  1. The purpose is to address issues regarding the Silky as a versatile performance dog and to focus/coordinate activities in these areas. All duties below were approved in 1999.
  2. Educate the membership regarding obedience/performance events and the benefits of obedience/performance training.
  3. Record keeping shall be part of the duties of this Committee and will include keeping statistics regarding all obedience/performance events titles, awards, etc.
  4. Is responsible for a supply of obedience/performance events pins and
  5. Serve as a backup for each record
  6. Report all of the winners to:
    1. Annual Awards Coordinator
    2. Newsletter Editor
    3. Yearbook Editor
    4. President and Secretary
    5. Send a letter of congratulations to the winners

Sunshine Coordinator

  1. He/she is to make sure the Club appropriately acknowledges any traumatic event in the life of a member in a timely fashion. The Club reimburses cost of the cards and postage.
  2. STCA will send an appropriate card on behalf of STCA to any Member in cases of a death in the immediate family, or major surgery/serious illness of the In the case of death of an STCA Member the family of Member would receive a card. (1987)
  1. In rare instances, the Coordinator could recommend the Club acknowledges extreme good fortune in the life of a Member with a card.
  2. STCA will donate $25.00 to the STCA Memorial Fund in the name of any Member of 10 years or more and/or a Board Member or Officer, as a Memorial. (1986)
  3. The coordinator will inform the Treasurer when a memorial donation is to be
  4. The Coordinator will inform the Newsletter Editor for appropriate sunshine notices in the Newsletter. (1987)
  5. The Newsletter shall list the name of the Sunshine Coordinator with periodic reminders for Members to help keep the coordinator aware of Members needing “sunshine”. (1987)

Temporary or Special Purpose Committees (Appointed by Board) (Bylaws Article VII)

Ways & Means Coordinator (Special Detail Sec III)

Purpose: To identify opportunities and find solutions for raising funds and improving financial standing for STCA activities.

Responsibilities: This Committee works to solicit donations, and sponsorships, and develop projects to raise money to increase the general fund and to provide funds for a wide variety of projects and special interests for the Silky Terrier Club of America. This Committee coordinates at least one ongoing fundraising activity at all times.

Webmaster/Website Coordinator (Special Detail See III)

(Unique qualifications and capabilities needed.)

The purpose of the website is to provide an easily accessible and complete resource to anyone for all things Silky Terrier, from curiosity seekers to breed lovers to breeders and show people to club members to judges and prospective judges. (2022)

Yearbook Editors (Special Detail Sec III)

Miscellaneous Information:

STCA Website:

Silky Rescue: 

Section III - Special Details

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Three Time Win Trophies When a Three Time Win trophy is retired 1st option to replace the trophy will be offered to the retiree (1993). If they decline, a notice will be put in the Newsletter with a sixty (60) day reply limit. At the end of this period, the Board will consider the requests and, if applicable, the Member’s STCA All Three Time Win trophies must have a $250.00 minimum retail value. It is recommended all such trophies be memorial trophies but the Board has the option of reviewing and accepting any special request of a non-memorial nature. (1990)
  2. Newsletter Notice for Three Time Win trophies (wording to be exact); “The (name of retired trophy) was retired at this year’s Members interested in replacing this trophy (minimum value $250.00) must submit their request to do so to the Secretary within sixty days of the mailing of this notice. The name of the person or dog to be honored and a description of the proposed trophy must be included. All trophies must be memorial trophies. Acceptance of the request will be at the Board’s discretion”.
  1. Three Three-time win trophies at Specialties shall be limited to one per major win (1987) (Three-time win may not be taken for Sweepstakes places). Specifically BOB, BOS, BW, WD, WB & Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes and Highest Scoring Dog in Open B & Utility Combined. Highest Scoring Dog in Agility.
  2. Three Time Win trophies for Breeders that will be awarded at the awards banquets were approved. They allow additional trophies for Specialty wins beyond AKC’s limit They will be limited to one per major win and/or class first with the addition of a placement for Best Puppy from the regular classes. (1990)
  3. Donors of any Three Time Win trophy must provide STCA with an 8 x 10 color picture for display at the Specialties. (1990) All 3X win trophies to be purchased immediately upon Board approval of the trophy and the picture must be provided before the next Specialty following Board approval of the If an 8 x 10 picture of the trophy (and proof of its $250 retail value) has not been received by the Secretary within one year from the date the Board approved the trophy, approval for the donor shall be rescinded and a notice placed in the Newsletter stating the trophy is available and applications should be sent to the Secretary. (1992)
  4. The policy for the Breeders Challenge Trophies will be the same as for the Specialty 3X (1989)
  5. To keep 3X trophies in mint condition they will not be displayed at The trophies must remain in the custody of the Club until retired and will remain with the Club designated custodian (Judi Carson 2010). Photographs of these trophies will be displayed at the Specialties. (1977 & 1988)
  6. STCA gives each winner of a Challenge trophy leg an acknowledgment of the win to keep. To be awarded at our Specialty show or Specialty Dinner as appropriate. (1988) A marble paperweight was selected as the standard acknowledgment. (1989) Get ordering details on these from the Specialty
  7. The Specialty Coordinator or designated individual shall be responsible for being aware of the location of the 3X photographs and seeing that they are at our Specialties for display. (1989)
  8. The awards year for any STCA recognitions will be from January 1st to December Where possible the recognitions will be given at the Annual Awards Banquet. (1987
  9. Gifts of appreciation and/or other special recognitions will be board-approved on an individual
  10. Gift for retiring Presidents: Retiring Presidents will be given a gift. Said gift should have a plaque appropriately attached that reads: To (person’s name), in appreciation, President STCA (dates of years of service). (2002)
  11. Recognition of 20 years of continuous membership to be a designated standard For husband & wife with 20 years in the same year only one plaque will be given. (1979)
  12. Obedience/Performance pins to be given to owners who have Silkys qualifying for these Obedience/ Performance titles. Bars are to be given for each additional degree earned. (1986)
  13. Additional Obedience/Performance pins for co-owners or a replacement for a lost pin may be purchased from the Club. Pins are $10 and bars are $3 (subject to their availability). (1989)
  14. STCA will recognize a Member’s 1st Champion with a pin designed to be immediately recognizable as a Champion Pin. Presentation to be at annual awards dinner. (1989)
  15. Lost Champion Pins may be replaced for a purchase price of $10 (subject to their availability). (1990)
  16. Register of Merit Certificates (ROM & ROMX) will be presented annually to the Member-owners of the newly qualified sires and dams and each year’s qualifiers will be listed in the Newsletter. ALL NEW ROM/ROMX are listed in the Yearbook. (1983)
  17. STCA awards will be based on AKC Show results (1988)
  18. The Peggy Smith Distinguished Service Award is for very special recognition and not classified as an annual award. (1989)
  19. STCA will recognize long-time Members (40 years of continuous membership) with a certificate and special recognition of no longer having to remit dues.

Canine Good Citizen Recognition

    1. The AKC Board of Directors approved the Canine Good Citizen Test effective September 1, 1989, and will provide certificates for presentation by the sponsoring club. AKC does not administer the test – it is given by the sponsoring club or organization. AKC does not keep a record of the dogs earning these certificates.
    2. STCA has been supportive of this “Good Citizen” recognition and offered the first such test at the 1990 Specialty held in Virginia Beach. The evaluator was Connie Alber. The test covered ten (10) pass or fail items as specified by The certificates for those dogs that pass the test are presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.
    3. STCA has continued to offer this recognition at subsequent It is open to all Silky Terriers: pet, obedience, champion, young, old, or in between.

Twenty-Year Continuous STCA Membership Plaques

      1. The recognition for twenty years of continuous membership in STCA with a plaque was approved by the Board in 1979.
      2. The wording on the plaques shall be as follows:


Proudly Recognizes

(name of member)

20 years of Continuous Membership

(date of Awards Banquet)

  1. The presentation date is the date of the Awards Banquet. Name as is on Membership Roster. The membership Chair sends a complete list of recipients for that year with the exact spelling of the name to the Person responsible for ordering.
  2. The old mascot will be used on this plaque (1992)

Forty-Year Continuous Membership Recognition Award

    1. The recognition for forty years of continuous membership in STCA will be recognized by STCA with Membership being paid by STCA for the Member for the remainder of their life. (2005)
    2. They are recognized at the Awards Banquet with a certificate and/or informed by letter mailed to those recipients not present.

STCA Pins in Recognition of Obedience and Performance Events

    1. STCA recognizes the Obedience and Performance Events Silkys owned by Club members with a pin presented for the first title and a bar is added for each additional title. (1986)
    2. The awards year is the same as for all STCA
    3. Presented at the annual Awards (mailed to recipients not present
    4. STCA gives only one (1) pin and/or bar per An additional pin for a co-owner may be purchased if both owners are members of STCA. (1989)
    5. Lost pins will not be replaced by the Club, but owners may purchase a replacement…if they are available. (1989)

STCA Pins in Recognition of Members’ First Champion Title

    1. This recognition was established & approved, in 1989. The initial presentation was retroactive to any STCA member who finished a champion prior to December 31, 1988.
    2. STCA will recognize only the 1st Champion Silky that a Member finishes (may be shown by the handler - only current Members in good standing are eligible).
    3. Pins will be presented at the Awards (or mailed if not present)
    4. The awards year is the same as for other STCA awards. (Jan – Dec)
    5. STCA Members must notify STCA when they finish their 1st champion and send a copy of the AKC championship certificate to confirm.
    6. Foreign Members are eligible for finishing their first champion, even if it is a foreign championship. They must apply to STCA in the same manner as the U.S. Members, but in addition, they must send a four (4) generation pedigree and photo of the Silky for the foreign scrapbook.
  1. SilkyTeens are eligible for a 1st Championship pin when they finish their 1st Champion if they are the owner of record.

Register of Merit (ROM) and Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX) Titles

  1. ROM requires 10 champion get for sires and 4 champion get for
  2. ROMX requires 20 champion get for sires and 8 champion get for
  3. Certificates suitable for framing are awarded annually for the qualifying sires and
  4. The complete list is published in the STCA Yearbook annually and the new titles are indicated on the list.
  5. Yearly qualifiers are published in the
  6. Information taken for Annual AKC Report of Silky Titled Annually. Owners of dogs obtaining a ROM/ROMX must apply with the appropriate documentation to the coordinator. (6/2013)
  7. The Peggy Smith Distinguished Service Award

This award will not necessarily be given annually but will be given as the Board of Directors deems it appropriate to honor extra special contributions. The Board makes the final decision on the recipient, but any member may suggest a name for the Board to consider in any given year.

Charitable Contributions: (8/2010)

  1. Yearly Budget: Each year at the Annual Specialty Board meeting a charitable contribution budget will be established by the Board for the ensuing calendar year. This budget will not exceed $2000. (8/2010)
  2. Charitable Contribution Requests: Requests for a charitable contribution will be included in the Committee Report that is submitted to the Vice President in January of each year. This request shall include the name of the charity, requested amount and the supporting information for this donation by STCA. (8/2010)
  3. Approval of Charitable Contributions: Each year at the STCA Specialty Board meeting all submitted charitable requests will be The Board will then vote on those charities STCA will support that year and the amount of the donation. (8/2010)
  4. Distribution of the Charitable Contribution: The Treasurer will distribute the donation monies by October of each year. (8/2010)
  5. Emergency Donations: Emergency/unplanned donations, such as natural disasters, will be handled separately on a case-by-case basis. (8/2010)

Custodians – Historian

  1. The Names of those serving as custodians/record keepers are published annually in the Membership
  2. History Custodian gets a ‘Club copy’ of annual records, pictures, videos, printed items,
  3. The custodian will store any/all types of Club historical This includes unwanted Silky or Club-related items members wish to discard. (1989)

Facebook: Facebook Coordinator

Facebook — Silky Terrier Club of America Members Only

The purpose of the members-only STCA FB group is to act as a private forum where STCA members can positively engage with other members. This includes instant access to information and pursues member-only discussions in real-time. It is to be a chat room and a messenger board for Specialty updates and other timely news pertinent to STCA members. (2022)

 Admins — Silky Terrier Club of America (Members Only)

  1. STCA Members are invited by Admins to (2022)
  2. Admins curate the friendliness of the group; there is nothing wrong with a lively discussion, but the tone must remain pleasant. (2022)

Our rules are:

Be kind and courteous

No hate speech or bullying

No promotions or spam

Respect everyone’s privacy (2022)

  1. Negative behavior will quickly result in the member being contacted privately by an Admin. Continued negative behavior can result in the member being banned from the FB Group. If the member later apologizes and promises to adhere to a positive culture, the Admin may allow the member back in. (2022)
  2. Club information is placed in the private group 24 hours before being posted in the public Friends of the Silky Terrier Club of America group. (2022)

Financial Procedures

  1. Non-Profit Policy: STCA is a non-profit for mutual benefit (Articles of Incorporation II-A) organization and cannot sponsor any program that would result in profit. (Be an agent of items for resale that are profit-making for some other source.)(1967) (Restated Art of Inc Art II)

Support by Membership Dues Required: In general, a club should be supported solely by membership fees, dues, and assessments. A Section 501(c)(7) organization may receive up to 35 percent of its gross receipts, including investment income, from sources outside of its membership without losing its tax-exempt status. No more than 15 percent of this amount may be derived from the use of the club's facilities or services by the general public or from other activities not furthering social or recreational purposes for members.

  1. The California Franchise Tax Board: Advises that there isn’t any limit to the amount of monies that could be raised by the Club as long as that money was used only for non-profit projects, charitable or STCA Club activities. (1973)
  2. No travel allowances will be made by STCA for travel expenses of distant Board Members to attend meetings. (1970)
  3. The Secretary’s name shall appear on both the checking and savings accounts, but the Secretary will only exercise this function when the Treasurer is incapacitated. (1976)
  4. Foreign Members pay an additional postage charge with their dues. (1988) -- It will be based on the current postage rates and subject to increase with any postal rate increase. (1990)
  5. Returned Checks on Renewals: The following guideline is (1988)
    1. The Member should be sent a form letter which states:
    2. That a check has been returned and that they owe the amount of the check plus the bank charges for processing the check. This must be remitted by bank check or money order.
    3. The letter should state that restitution should be received within 30 days. If it is not, the membership will be considered lapsed and the person must reapply for membership.
  6. Time-deposit accounts are to be purchased as opposed to a regular savings account for emergencies (1987) When the certificates mature the current Board will be notified to approve their reinvestment.
  7. A Member will be placed on a cash basis after two checks are returned. (1995)
  8. A separate checking account and a separate savings account are established for The Richard Hammond Silky Rescue (2005) Separate accounts are established for the STCA General Fund, Health Fund, and Rescue Fund (which is to be used for “acting as agent” for the Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust). These funds may be kept in the same savings account or CD, but the bookkeeping for each will be separate to ensure that each remains as an individual account with its original purposes. (12/2008)

Health Fund

  1. AKC proposed a Canine Health Fund in 1997 to support research concerning canine health
  2. The purpose of the Health Fund is to raise funds for canine research and finance health seminars during
  3. The Health Fund is supported by donations from Members and by holding money-making projects such as raffles and also having a Health Fund booth with items for sale at the Specialties.
  4. The Board approved an Emergency Contingency Fund of 10% of the Health Fund per year to be spent by the Health Chair without Board approval. The 10% will be based on the Health Fund account balance as of Jan. 1st of each year, such amount to be used during the calendar year and not carried over; and is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2009 for this year’s Emergency Contingency Fund.

Legislative Fund (10/2009)

This fund is to be used to help with the expenses incurred with dog legislation at the city, county, state, and federal levels. All expenses must be board-approved. (11/2009)


Membership (Bylaws Art II)

In addition to the detailed information about the membership process provided in this section, readers should also be familiar with the Bylaws for membership.

Membership Chair’s Job Description

The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining the Club’s membership records and all related correspondence, advising the Secretary and Newsletter Editor of new applicants, issuing membership cards, receiving any complaints against new applicants, and relaying such complaints to the Secretary. The Chair also compiles an annual Membership Roster and Breeders List.

Duties of Membership Coordinator

  1. To process new applicants according to approved Club
  2. To provide mailing labels for all Club
  3. To compile and mail the annual Membership Roster to each The Membership Roster may be sent as a separate mailing or email attachment.
  4. To research and provide the names of Members who will receive 20-year plaques to the Annual Awards Coordinator by March 15th.
  5. To maintain copies of Club Membership Rosters and Breeders Lists. Once a year a full set/copy should be turned over to the History/Custodian.
  6. To keep Webmaster informed with current Membership Applications, Renewal Forms, and a current copy of the Code of Ethics for download from the STCA website.
  7. To keep all completed application forms. A copy of a Member’s initial membership approval may be needed as confirmation of when they have earned a 20-year plaque.
  8. A complete copy of the current roster is to be sent every year around March 1st to AKC. The current email address is

The Membership Coordinator’s records are considered the official Membership Records of the Club.

New Applicants

  1. The Membership Coordinator must be sure that all pertinent information from the Club is sent to a new applicant; this will ensure that proper records are in place. To include the application, sponsor forms, a copy of the Club Bylaws, and a copy of the Code of Ethics to be signed by the applicant and returned with the application.
  2. Any Member sponsoring a new applicant is required to complete and sign a “Sponsor’s Form”. (1997) Applicants must have two (2) Member sponsors in good standing. These sponsors cannot be from the same family. (Bylaws Article II Sec 3). One sponsor must know the applicant for at least one year. (03/2014)
  3. Upon receipt of a new application, the Membership Committee shall check for completeness. If the application is in order, the Membership Committee shall immediately enter the applicant into the database and indicate the status as “pending” in the Year Joined Approved applications received after Oct 31 cover membership for the following year.
  4. On the 1st of the month, the Membership Chair prepares a monthly report for the Secretary and Newsletter Editor, the report will include a list of new applicants received since the 1st of the previous month, giving all pertinent information from the application. In addition, this monthly report should include a list of newly approved Members (which will be announced in the Newsletter), and note any matter that should be brought to the attention of the Board or require Board direction.
  5. If a check sent with an application/renewal is returned to the Treasurer due to insufficient funds, the Membership Chair is notified to stop processing the application/renewal until the NSF is corrected with the Treasurer. All checks received will be sent to the Club Treasurer at the same time as the monthly report of new applicants is sent to the Board.
  6. The Membership Chair shall send a letter/email acknowledging receipt of the complete application to the applicant as soon as possible. An incomplete application will not be held for more than 60 days. If the applicant can’t complete the application then their money will be returned less the “processing fee”. (5/2010)
  7. An applicant’s name and brief information shall be published in the Newsletter with a 30-day waiting period for Members to send comments to the Membership Committee.
  8. The Membership Chair should immediately begin an investigation when a complaint is received against an applicant. The sponsors and applicant should be notified when a complaint is received. Under no circumstances shall the name of the person making the complaint be revealed. (1992) When the Membership Chair considers the investigation complete he/she shall furnish a written report to the Board including copies of all letters concerning the The Board will decide if further investigation is needed or if a vote should be taken. (1984)

Should the Letter of Objection come from the Membership Committee the Board will decide who will do the investigation. (5/2010)

  1. An application being investigated will not be presented to the Board for a vote until such investigation is completed and a full report submitted. (1984)
  2. An applicant who has received a negative vote by the Board may be presented by one of the applicant’s sponsors at the next Annual Meeting of the Club for further consideration. (Bylaws Article II Sec III)
  3. When membership is denied by the Members voting at an Annual Meeting, upon presentation as prescribed in Article II, Sec 3 of the Bylaws, only the advanced dues are refundable; the processing fee (formerly called initiation fee) is non-refundable. (1978)
  4. An applicant denied membership approval must wait 12 months before they can submit a new (Bylaws Art II Sec III)
  5. When notified of an applicant’s approval, the Membership Committee will send a welcome letter, Membership card, Membership Roster, and other such inserts as may be from time to time directed and shall change the applicant’s status from “pending” to the actual year joined. The name shall be sent to the Newsletter to welcome/announce the new Member.


  1. Renewals will be sent out no later than November of each
  2. Membership renewals not received by Feb 1st are considered lapsed. A Member may reapply for membership; however, all requirements for a new applicant apply to such re-application, including paying the non-refundable processing fee, with the exception that sponsors are not required. (The Board does have the power to review meritorious cases.) (1987) Renewals that are not received by Feb 1st of each year will not be in the Club Roster. The Board approved a maximum 12-month time frame (starting Feb 1st of each year) for Board consideration to reinstate a lapsed membership. Past dues will be owed at the time of reinstatement and membership will be bridged to the original membership date. Any membership lapsing for more than 12 months must apply as a new Member obtaining two sponsors and payment of processing fee. (9/2008)
  3. At renewal time, the renewals shall be handled in the same manner as new applications with regard to the chain of submittal, however, no membership card will be sent.
  4. During the renewal period, the Membership Committee should update the database for each Member as renewals are During the year, any changes of address for Members should be forwarded to the Membership Committee to allow for update of both the label list and database.
  5. The annual membership renewal form should include a section to request additional information on SilkyTeens. (2005)
  6. As soon as possible after Feb 1st, and no later than Mar 1st, the Membership Roster database and label list should be purged of all lapsed Members and lapsed Members should be added to the “Lapsed Member Database”. Pending and lapsed memberships are not to be included in the Membership Roster.
  7. Once the database has been updated for all renewing Members, the Membership Committee will print a current Membership list. A current Membership Roster and Breeders List will be sent to each Member as soon after March 1st as possible. Updates of additional Members or address changes should be provided quarterly via the Newsletter. As initiated in 1989, the Membership Roster will be a complete roster, but a Member’s option to be deleted from the Breeders List and/or website Breeders List remains in effect.


  1. The Membership Chair’s name and address, phone number, and e-mail address will be printed in a consistent place in each month’s Newsletter.
  2. A prerequisite for the Membership Chair’s job is to have convenient access to a personal computer of sufficient size to continue to provide the Club’s membership recordkeeping
  3. Membership Chair will include e-mail addresses in the Membership Roster as of 1998. (1997) Fax numbers can also be (2002) Membership Roster will include the “membership year” and kennel name. (3/2009)
  4. The names of Members whose late membership renewals are accepted and approved by the Board will be published in the Newsletter in order for ROM certificates to be awarded to all members who qualify so that the Member breeder list and roster can be properly updated and maintained. (1999)
  5. If a membership lapses or a person is removed from the Breeders List due to suspension they would be required to sign the Code of Ethics again upon readmission of membership. (1988)
  6. When teens “age out” at 18 and request adult membership, they are exempt from paying the processing fee if they apply for adult membership within 1 year of “aging out” at 18 years. (1991)

Newsletter: Newsletter Editor


STCA Newsletter is a publication authorized to carry official notices, reports, and official commentary issued under the auspices of the STCA. The purpose of the Newsletter is to be the monthly official club media and communications platform. It is intended to give members general information regarding club business, communications mandated by the STCA Standing Rules, deadline reminders, and the latest wins and articles of interest. (2022)

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor is to accumulate the materials for and publish a monthly Newsletter to be distributed to STCA Members. (2022)

  1. Compiles the Club’s monthly
  2. The work involves receiving and assembling general information and business reports from the Club and Members, editing as necessary, contacting (instructing) the printer, mailing and emailing the
  3. Encourages members to receive newsletters (2022)
  4. Uses standard notices for several annual
  5. Make sure the Newsletter is printed and mailed/emailed on a timely schedule each
  6. Sends the completed Newsletter every month to the website’s historical
  7. Applicants for membership will not begin receiving the Newsletter until their membership is approved by the Board. (1988)
  8. News and pictures of Members and their dogs only may be Specialty winners are an exception. The editor is to use discretion as to the news value of non-member articles.
  9. No member or dog is to monopolize the newsletter and is generally not to exceed 3 pictures annually. Pictures are encouraged of dogs achieving their championships, performance degrees, Group Firsts, Best in Shows, High in Trials, and High in Agility Trials, etc. The editor is to use her discretion. Occasional unidentified puppy pictures or “Silkys being Silkys” are acceptable. The editor is to consider the cost of printing when printing such photos and is to use his discretion. (2022)
  10. STCA does not accept paid ads for the Newsletter (Litter Box listings are not considered advertising).
  11. Articles quoted from magazines, and newspapers, must have all copyright information given and permission obtained where necessary.
  12. Supported Entries/Specialties planned by regional clubs and approved by the STCA may be listed in the Newsletter. Regional Clubs should be encouraged to provide this information in a timely fashion. STCA is to support and promote the regional club’s projects, through the newsletter, as that will, in turn, strengthen the National organization. (2022)
  13. The STCA LOGO adopted in 1989 will be part of the Newsletter
  14. The STCA Website Address will be included as part of the header of each Newsletter. (2002)

Information to be Included in Each Issue of the Newsletter:

  1. Each issue of the Newsletter is marked by volume. Volume indicates the number of years of publication and number indicates the month of issue. Volume 1 began in 1955
  2. The names of the Officers and Board Members, the name and address of the Club, and the name and address of the Editor will be in the header in standard format.
  3. Every issue of the Newsletter shall contain the STCA responsibility statement as follows: The STCA Newsletter is a publication authorized to carry official notices, reports, and official commentary issued under the auspices of the STCA, Inc. Otherwise, no responsibility is assumed for the contents herein. The editor reserves the privilege of discretionary editing and the opinions expressed in articles, columns or letters do not constitute the endorsement, approval, or responsibility of the Editor or the (1971)
  4. Name of the Membership Chair (1988)
  5. Welcome new members.
  6. New applicants, noting the name of the sponsor and brief information about the (Membership Committee sends the write-up.) (1988)
  7. Summarized Board minutes, included only after they are That is, the January Minutes Summary will appear in the February newsletter.
  8. Litter Box Note: Only litters bred by STCA Members will be published. The member must be the owner/co-owner of the Dam of the litter. Must have some sort of contact info, phone, or email.

Information to be Printed Periodically in the Newsletter

  1. The editor has the authority of the Board to edit any article submitted for (1978)
  2. At the beginning of each year, a brief listing with a link to the full description on the website of the trophies/recognition awards offered through STCA as annual competitions for Members should be noted to remind Members and to inform new Members. (2022)
  3. November thru February a reminder that membership renewals should be paid before the Feb 1st lapse date. It must Be Front Page Bold Print.
  4. Specialty results will be printed in the Newsletter. (1986)
  5. Roster address corrections are to be in the Newsletter in the monthly membership report, as submitted by the member. (2022)
  6. A calendar listing the year’s schedule of activities/business, updated as (2022)
  7. List of Committee Coordinators, sent out in
  8. A regular ‘Help Wanted’ corner of the newsletter, put out as (2022)

Mailings That Will Be Included with Newsletter as Required

  1. Special inserts as directed/approved by the Board
  2. Notice of the next Annual Meeting must be in an issue that will ensure Members have 30 days advance notice of this meeting.
  3. The September issue must have the required list of nominees for the coming year’s election of Officers and Board Members, so that additional nominations may be made by the Members if they so desire. (Also, to include the names of the nominating committee).
  4. The results of the annual election voting will be in the January newsletter.

Nominating Committee (Bylaws Art VI)

The Nominating Committee is appointed annually by the Board. The Committee's job is to present to the membership a suggested slate of Officers and Board Members for the coming year. This is an important committee as the choices they put before the membership will determine the management for the Club’s future.

Regional Clubs & Supported Entry

STCA supports and encourages good relations with the regional clubs with our Supported Entry/Sweepstakes program. (See Details of this program in the Specialties and Supported Entry section)

  1. Regional Clubs may quote STCA Newsletter articles without asking permission provided they give STCA due credit and send a copy of the issue to the STCA Secretary. (1988)
  2. The Board on an individual basis will consider support of regional clubs by STCA taking ads in their catalogs. (1988)
  3. A non-AKC licensed Regional Club that wants to support one of the shows in conjunction with an STCA Specialty weekend can ask the STCA Board to approve listing STCA as supporting the show with “such and such donor other than STCA” donating the trophies, i.e. the Regional Club. (1990)
  4. STCA will furnish a Regional Club one set of labels only, for their sweepstakes/supported entries, and these labels would be for that zone only. (1990)
  5. Regional Club moneymaking projects: Each case will be considered by the Board on an individual basis to determine its merit as relevant to STCA If deemed worthy by the Board, it may be announced in the STCA Newsletter. If the Regional Club wishes to provide a flyer, it will be included as an insert. The Regional Club must pay any additional postage. (1991)
  6. Regional Clubs must use docked Silky Terriers on any printed materials pertaining to the show (including but not limited to Premium list, Catalogue, and Trophies) (01/2014)

Supported Entry/Sweepstakes

  1. The Secretary must receive the event information no later than noon on the 1st of the month in order to submit it to the Board for immediate processing in that month. (2022)
  2. One Sweepstakes/Supported Entry event will be allowed per zone per year with the following stipulations:
    1. The location of the event must be at least 500 miles from the location of the next National Specialty Show.
    2. There must be at least a four-month time difference (if the Sweepstakes/Supported Entry event is held in the same zone as the National Specialty) between the Sweepstakes/Supported Entry event and the National Specialty.
    3. The event must be a Sweepstakes and Supported Entry, not just a Supported
  3. STCA takes no responsibility for expenses incurred – all costs are to be borne by the group holding the event. The local group wishing to host the Sweepstakes/Supported Entry event would be responsible for all balloting expenses for the Sweepstakes judge
  4. Trophy donations may be solicited only among people in the zone holding the event. Trophy donations MAY NOT be solicited through the STCA Newsletter.
  5. Supported entries must use docked Silky Terriers on any printed materials pertaining to the show (to include but not limited to Premium list, Catalogue, and Trophies) (01/2014)


Duties of Each Record Keeper

  1. Keep records of obedience/performance event titles earned for the specific event for which they are the designated record keeper.
  2. Annual Obedience Awards winners, the top 10 obedience places, and the performance title winners for the past year


  1. A SilkyTeen is any son or daughter of an adult Member of STCA who has been officially noted on the membership application as a SilkyTeen. The eligible ages are 8th birthday through 18th birthday. Only members of the STCA SilkyTeens are eligible for the special teen awards and benefits offered by (5/2012)
  2. The annual membership renewal shall contain a section requesting information on
  3. SilkyTeens are listed on the annual Membership
  4. Programs for teens are under the direction of the SilkyTeen
  5. STCA will subsidize entry fees to encourage (1980)
    1. Limit to members’ children
    2. Entry is subsidized in the amount of $10 per entry and limited to five entries per year, including National and/or Regional Specialty Shows. (3/2009)
    3. Proof of Entry – Copy of confirmation of entry from show superintendent and copy of marked catalog page as proof of exhibiting.
    4. Check to be mailed directly to Junior Handler by STCA
  6. The STCA Annual SilkyTeen Activity Award is given at the Awards This Award must be applied for by the SilkyTeen with the appropriate documentation to the SilkyTeen Coordinator. (6/2013)
  7. When there is an active SilkyTeen Program ongoing the items below will be available:
    1. 5% of the annual auction money to support activities (if the Specialty is profitable)
    2. 1 roll of First Class stamps annually
    3. There will be a SilkyTeen page in the Yearbook (to include a photo of the STCA Annual SilkyTeen Activity Award and Best Jr. Handler at Specialty) (1988)
    4. There will be a trophy offered for the highest scoring teen in the Obedience Competition at our Specialty (Only qualifying scores count). This trophy will be donated/paid for out of the Teen’s budget.

Ways & Means

Categories and Suggested Organization:
  1. W&M Donations Group -- responsible for identifying and contacting potential donors and developing support materials
  2. W&M Publications Group -- responsible for design and editing of articles for Newsletter, Specialty package inserts, and web page news and solicitations to support and promote fundraising activities
  3. W&M Events Group -- responsible for planning and executing fundraising events

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Recruit and retain Ways and Means Committee Volunteers (Annually)
  2. Identify at least one person (Board member or Officer) to act as Champion and assist with the fundraising committee (Ad Hoc)
  3. The committee will publish a general call for Committee Members and volunteers in the official Club Newsletter, on sanctioned discussion lists, and at official STCA events (Periodically)
  4. The Committee Chair will make a list of people and partners qualified to fill positions for the Fundraising Committee (Annually)
  5. The Committee Chair will coordinate with the Specialty Show Chair to have a table and appropriate representation at each Specialty for fundraising items
  6. The Committee Chair will coordinate staffing for the Specialty Show or other event representation
  7. The committee (designee) will keep a master list of all recruited Committee Members along with contact information, details on projects worked for the year, and contributions to the Committee Chair for June and December Committee reports to the Vice President
  8. The Committee Chair will take a lead role in gathering input on ideas and strategies for campaigns from all Members, gather consensus, and provide a thoughtful plan for execution to the Board of Directors (Annually)
  9. The Committee Chair will coordinate and communicate financial issues and financial reporting through the Treasurer
  10. All financial commitments will be approved in writing by the Secretary with full approval of the Board of Directors and coordination with the Treasurer before launching any fundraising.

Website: Webmaster

The purpose of the website is to provide an easily accessible and complete resource to anyone for all things Silky Terrier, from curiosity seekers to breed lovers to breeders and show people to club members to judges and prospective judges. (2022)

 Webmaster/Website Coordinator

  1. Coordinates the design, solicits, discovers, or writes copy, and maintains the All copy from other sources must have copyright permission. (2022)
  2. Must clear any major information changes to the site with the
  3. Periodically contact AKC to ensure they are linking to STCA

The following information, at a minimum, is available for all people coming to the website:

  1. Casual puppy pictures and pictures of “Silkys being Silkys”. (2022)
  2. Detailed information for future Silky Are Silkys right for you? (2022)
  3. Contact info for the Breeder referral service. (2022)
  4. An article going over why it’s a great idea to be a member of the STCA, and details about how to (2022)
  5. Name and basic contact info of the regional clubs. (2022)
  6. Board of Directors – Bylaws - Code of Ethics
  7. An education section for prospective judges with a Canine College link, including breed presentations, dates of seminars, and a list of approved breeder mentors. (2022)
  8. An education section for breeders, including a detailed discussion of the Standard, best practices for showing, and a thorough discussion of health A Link to input individual health information into the OFA STCA Health Survey. (2022)
  9. Grooming & Health (general best practices but not medical information). (2022)
  10. Specialty information, including order forms, and the ability to make payment from the (2022)
  11. Club membership application forms and renewals which can be filled out electronically. (2022)

For members only:

  1. Maintains Pedigree Database (this may be assigned to a sub-committee)
  2. A club membership directory

Electronic historical archives available only to the Historian and the current Board, containing at a minimum:

  1. A copy of every month’s newsletter
  2. The yearbook each year

Yearbook: Yearbook Editor

Yearbook Editor

  1. The budget for printing and sales pricing goes before the Board of Oversees the compiling of the Yearbook.
  2. Works with Printer for publishing/printing of
  3. Responsible for putting in the previous year’s Specialty
  4. Responsible for yearbook promotion and soliciting and compiling of information and photos. (2022)
  5. Distributes and stores
  6. Sends the Yearbook as early in the fall as
  7. Mailing paid for Yearbooks by late fall each
  8. Annually send an electronic copy to the webmaster for inclusion into the website. (2022)

STCA Yearbook

  1. Only STCA Club Members may participate in the yearbook. (1982)
  2. Pictures with pedigrees of non-member dogs will be permitted since the pedigree section is part of Silky History. (1982)
  3. Regional Clubs will be invited to take a free page to report their Specialty wins or other (1982)
  4. Only STCA Members will be listed in the Top Breeders list in the (1989)
  5. Any photos not provided by photographer – Notification and/or request sent out for photos and pedigree based on AKC report of title.
  6. A final review of conformation/performance pages will be sent to owners for approval. If no response is received in 15 days the page will be considered correct. (No reprints or refunds for incorrect pedigree pages or ads.) (2022)
  7. Yearbooks are pre-ordered –no more than 5 over the pre-ordered number will be
  8. Any increase in cost pertaining to the Yearbook must go before the Board for
  9. ½ of the fee collected for any Yearbook featured rescue dog will be donated to Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust (STRCT). (3/2010)
  10. The Deadline for an errata sheet is 90 days.(2022)

STCA-Sponsored photos: One set of photos provided by the photographer, as available.

  1. BOB is the cover of the Yearbook
  2. BOS – BOW
  3. WD - WB
  4. Award of Merit
  5. Best Puppy
  6. Best Veteran
  7. Sweeps Best Puppy and Opposite sex
  8. Sweeps Best Vet & Opposite sex
  9. Brace
  10. Stud Dog – Brood Bitch
  11. Handler
  12. Top 20 Winners
  13. Conformation/Performance Winners
  14. Additionally, the following can be supplied by the owners: Annual STCA Awards (Iradell, Blaze, Smith, Stroud, Lapsitter’s) (2022)

Stats to be included:

  1. Alphabetical list of New Conformation Titles earned
  2. Best in Show/Group Wins
  3. List of dogs receiving ROM & ROMX
  4. Breeders List (tops off at 50)
  5. Performance Titles earned
  6. STCA Performance Rankings

SECTION IV - Voting, Ballots and Elections (Bylaws Art VI)


 All resumes should follow the form below for consistency.

STCA Officer and/or Board Resume:


Board or Officer Position applying for:

Date Joined STCA:

How many specialties attended:

Positions held within STCA (i.e., officer, board, chairman positions held and dates) Other Dog Related Organizations: (include positions held and dates)

Special Qualifications: Work-related or with other clubs.

Article VI of the Bylaws provides that: “If one or more valid additional nominations are received there shall be a ballot sent to each member in good standing.”

Mark your ballot and enclose and seal it in the small envelope marked BALLOT. Place the small BALLOT ENVELOPE into an envelope addressed to ‘INSPECTORS OF ELECTION’. Your return address must be on the outer envelope to verify against current membership.

  • Postmarked after Dec 31st

Your VOTE will be INVALID if postmarked after Dec 31st

  1. The Vice President and Secretary are elected in odd years with three (3) members of the Board
  2. President & Treasurer elected in even years with two (2) members of the Board



Updated 08/2016 by Board vote

STCA Officers and Board for 2009-2010

 Article VI of the Bylaws provides that: “If one or more valid additional nominations are received there shall be a ballot sent to each member in good standing.”


Updated 08/2016 by Board vote


Sample Resumes


Doe, Jane: Tampa, GA (Officer -President) 1975 - attended 20 specialty

  • STCA Involvement:

Current President, past Board Member, Served on several committees

  • Other Club Involvement:

Officer of All Breed Club – Board Member of Local Breed Club

  • Special Qualifications:

Belong to many community Organizations holding different Board Positions


Smith, Susie: Kansas City, OK (Officer–Secretary Incumbent) 1980-attended 15 specialty

  • STCA Club involvement:

Membership Chair, Host of 1990 Specialty, Board Member 1995

  • Other Club Involvement

Several All Breed & Toy Clubs held officer and board positions

  • Special qualifications: Organizational skills



Farmer, Richard: Albuquerque, CA (Board position-incumbent) 1990-attended 6 specialty

  • STCA Involvement:

Ways & Means Committee, Top 20 Chair, Board member since 1998

  • Other Club Involvement none
  • Special Qualifications: Plenty of Time on my hands

Jones, Jerry, Medford, AL (Board position - petitioner) 1995- attended 8 Specialty

  • STCA Club Involvement:

Historian, Trophy Chair 1999 Specialty,

  • Other Club Involvement:

PTA – President, Southeast Dog Club member 15 yrs– Held office of Secretary - board member - Treasurer

  • Qualifications:

Good with computers and people. Retired so I have the time to devote to working for STCA.


Sound, Sally, Allen, WA (Board position) 1992- attended 12 Specialty

  • STCA Club Involvement: Trophy Chair 2001 Specialty,
  • Other Club Involvement:

Allen HO – President, Northwestern KC member 20 yrs– Held office of Treasurer

  • Qualifications:

Gets along with people. Event coordinator

Summers, Jean: – N.Y., N.Y. (Board position – Incumbent) 2000- attended 4 specialty

  • STCA Involvement: Board member since 2007
  • Other Dog Club Involvement

All Breed Club of Northwest 25 yrs – Held positions of President, Treasurer

  • Special Qualifications: Management Skills















































Table of Contents

 Section I- Specialty Guidelines………………………………                                       4

  • General Policies
  • Specialty Judge Coordinator
  • Judge Selection and Parameters
  • Sweepstakes Judge Selection
  • Cumulative System of Vote Counting
  • Advertising and Publicity
  • Specialty trophies
  • Annual Recognitions &Awards Requirements
    • Iradell
    • Ch Weeblu’s Blaze of Joy
    • Alltogether Silky Terrier All Breed
    • Stroud Mandy Fowler D. Obedience
    • Ch Lapsitter’s BJ Snowsilk NA Agility
    • STCA Annual Silky Teen Activity Award
    • Ch Aruma Nelslo’s Krystal Blue (One time Win)
  • STCA 3 X Win Specialty Breed Challenge Trophies
  • STCA 3 X Win Specialty Breeder Challenge Trophies
  • Hospitality
  • Auction
  • Specialty Pictures & Videos
Section II– Top Twenty Showcase ………………………                                     14
  • Overview
  • Guidelines
  • Beverly Lehnig Memorial Challenge Trophy


STCA Specialty Guidelines - General Policies
  1. The Specialty Coordinator will oversee all Specialty matters and act as a liaison between the Specialty Show Chair/Committees. They will also keep the Specialty Manual updated and be sure all Show Chairs have a copy to use. Copy available for Board Members as well. (1977)
  2. STCA Board sets the policies and the Specialty Coordinator, Specialty Chair and Trophy Chair must be governed by such policies.
  3. Specialty working funds: $200 to be sent to the Specialty Bills from the Committee Members are to be approved by the Chair and forwarded to the Treasurer for reimbursement. (1990) There will be a limit of sixty (60) days after Specialty to submit bills for reimbursement (1987)
  4. The Treasurer prepares the actual Specialty Financial Report (1990)
  5. Money-making projects for Specialties, which would obligate the Club financially should they fail, must have Board approval. (1987)
  6. STCA will not sign a liability responsibility statement with any motel/hotel or show site; our insurance doesn’t cover it. (1989)
  7. Specialty Chairs and Exhibiting Dogs at Specialties:
    1. Specialty Chair Showing: The Specialty Chair may not exhibit at a National Specialty. (1988 membership vote). The 2001 Board ruled that dogs co-owned by the Show Chair may be shown by the co-owner or a handler. (2001)
    2. The Assistant Specialty Chair/s (if one is named) is allowed to personally show their dog at the Specialty unless they are required to take over the position of Show Chair. (8/2012)
    3. The Obedience/Performance/Agility Chair may exhibit his/her own dogs at the (1993) (2002 Bd confirmed Performance and Agility included in this policy.)
  8. Champions are not allowed to enter and compete in Sweepstakes (1979 membership vote)
  9. Specialty Chair must submit a monthly financial report to the Treasurer and President. (1991)
  10. All specialty contracts involving money, including but not limited to Show Secretary, Superintendent & hotel contracts MUST be reviewed by the President, Treasurer, and Specialty Coordinator before they are signed. (1991)
  11. The Specialty Chair cannot plan or schedule any events that are different from the normal or usual Specialty events or activities without first consulting the Specialty Coordinator and the Board and getting their approval.
  12. Regional Clubs requesting booth space will be treated the same as any other vendor as to the fee (1993)
  13. The STCA Health Fund may have a booth (at no cost) at any Specialty or STCA (2002) The Board of Directors approved funding for the same. (2006)

Specialty Show Chair (Separate Guideline Available)

The Specialty Show Chair works as a partner with the Specialty Coordinator.

  1. The Show Chair is responsible for appointing reliable and accountable committee members and is ultimately responsible for, and charged with, ensuring all tasks and deliverables are met.
  2. Once approval for the show has been given, the Show Chair should send a Specialty article to the Newsletter each month.
  3. Submits monthly financial reports to the Specialty Coordinator and the STCA (Receipts should be included with this report for reimbursement) All expenses must be approved in advance.
  4. Makes sure the Specialty Coordinator and STCA Secretary have the specific information needed to file the AKC forms etc.
  5. Chair (with help from the Coordinator) will find a host hotel suitable for the Specialty with a ballroom of


adequate size. The chair should develop a good relationship with the hotel manager and staff. A smile and happy attitude will go far in getting a few “extras” and make a Show Chair's job more pleasant.

  1. Specialty Chair authors and mails hard copy packages to all active STCA Members no less than six (6) months in advance of the Specialty Event and no sooner than the conclusion of the previous Specialty
  2. Show Chair is responsible for publishing and distributing hotel rules specific to each Specialty Event location. To include a statement that the hotel venue is ‘subject to rules of the American Kennel Club’. Violation of rules or misconduct can result in a bench show hearing and possibly result in fines and/or
  3. Show Chair is responsible for documenting all pertinent information on the Specialty Event by file (hard copy or electronic), ledger, or diary. This information is used to update the Board of Directors monthly and in preparation for an event post-mortem report.
  4. Show Chair is to provide a financial statement (forms provided) along with all applicable receipts to the Treasurer within 60 days after the conclusion of the Specialty Event.
  5. The Specialty Chair arranges hotel, transportation, and lunches for An invitation to attend the Awards Dinner should be sent to judges asking each to say a few words should they desire. (Only Members who are not showing or do not own dogs being shown should be asked to escort or contact judges.)
  6. Sends thank you notes as appropriate to those who provided services (hotels, judges etc) This is important to the image of STCA as hotels accepting dogs are harder to find each year.
  7. The Show Chair provides a template to the Show Secretary/Superintendent for the information (and order of information) contained in the Specialty Event Catalog. This should be proofed prior to publication to ensure compliance.
  8. The Show Chair will ensure that all AKC approvals are in place prior to authorizing the Show Secretary or Superintendent to mail premium list information to STCA Members or publicize the show in any way. No advertising or official publication is authorized prior to receipt of written approval from AKC granting permission to conduct the event(s)

Specialty Judge Coordinator

  1. This should be someone who is not showing
  2. Contact judges in order of membership voting to inquire as to availability for Specialty Show
  3. The first judge (going down the approved list) available is
  4. Contract letter to be sent to the judge and signed copy kept on file with Show Chair, Specialty Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Judge Selection and Parameters

Selection Process:

Every two years a full list of eligible judges will be sent to the membership for the selection of 5 judges. At the Awards Dinner the 5 top Judges' names will be randomly drawn according to the order of contact. (7/2009) From this list the Judges' Contact Coordinator will start with the first name and continue down the list until a judge is found for a specific year. For the next year the Coordinator will start at the top of the list and proceed until a Judge is found. (2/2009)

  1. A judge is ineligible to be placed on the list for 8 years after judging a
  2. Judges’ fees: Specialty Judges will NOT be paid in excess of a $500 per day fee for judging, plus expenses. The Specialty Judge will commit to two full days of judging. (2007)
  3. Judges’ housing: The judges may stay in the headquarters hotel/motel if the Club so chooses and the judges are agreeable. (1987)
  4. Ballots on any voting action by the membership are to be retained for 6 months after the results are published in the Newsletter. (1971)
  5. Two people selected by the Board will count and tabulate ballots for the selection (Preferably people who do not exhibit in conformation). (2001)
  6. As a condition of the assignment judges shall not judge the breed within six (6) months prior to the Specialty. (1992)

Sweeps Judge Selection & Balloting Procedures (1987)

  1. A person may submit his or her own name as well as the name of another as a
  2. A prospective candidate must furnish a letter agreeing to accept if elected and a resume before their name can appear on the ballot.
  3. No signature will be required on the ballot, but ballots may be marked in some appropriate way to indicate they are “originals”.
  4. Resumes of suggested Sweeps judges are to accompany any balloting for (1978)
  5. The nomination acceptance letter will include language that the Judge must agree to judge according to the AKC STCA Breed Standard. (6/2013)
  6. A licensed Silky judge may not judge a Those licensed for other breeds may be given the assignment, but they come at their own expense. (1983) (1987)
  7. It is an AKC policy that the Sweeps Judge does not enter a dog in the show
  8. Alternate/substitute Sweepstakes Judge: In the event that the selected judge cannot fulfill their assignment the person who received the next highest number of votes will be asked to substitute, etc…If the substitute judge has entries in the Specialty their entry fees will be refunded by the Club. (1987)
  9. Although the Sweeps Judge comes at their own expense, STCA does pay for 1 night’s lodging and their meal at the Specialty Dinner. This also applies in the case of a substitute judge. (1989)

It is important to remember that in the order of the judge’s selection, the name of the judge being selected is for the next Specialty being planned. If a zone is skipped that does not affect the order of the judges' selection. The next judge that is in line to be invited is still invited. Skipping a zone does not mean the name of a judge is skipped…the zone rotation has no effect whatsoever on the order of the Specialty year selection of judges. Each preference list of judges is used for the two years that were stated at the top of the preference ballot.

The actual ballots for both the initial and preference voting are kept for at least two years. The sheets with the tally results of both ballots are kept for 4 years in case it is necessary to refer to them to see names. It is unlikely that all of the top ten would decline the invitation to judge, but should it happen the retained tally sheets would be needed.

Cumulative System of Vote Counting:

1st Place: First place is awarded to the person receiving the most first-place votes. Their name is then eliminated from further vote counting.

2nd Place: Second place is awarded to the person receiving the most 1st and 2nd place combined vote total. Their name is then eliminated from further vote counting.

3rd Place: Third place is awarded to the person receiving the most 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place combined vote total. Their name is then eliminated from further vote counting.

4th Place: Fourth place is awarded to the person receiving the most 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place combined vote total. Their name is then eliminated from further vote counting. Etc. for 5th thru 10th Place:

The above system continues as above until all 10 judges from the top 10 voting list have been ranked. The thought is that the person receiving the greatest number of 1st place votes should be the no. 1 choice. 2nd place should go to the person receiving the greatest number of votes for a total of 1st and 2nd place over the other 8. The 3rd place is given to the one receiving more votes than the remaining 7 when each person’s votes are totaled for

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes. As each place is awarded, the name is removed from the list. Continue down the list until the final number 10 is left.


  1. Specialty Mailing: A Specialty packet can be sent out independently of the Newsletter with as much advance information as possible regarding the Specialty weekend and show (advertising, special functions, motel, dinner, trophy donations, etc.) reminders of specific Specialty information should be in the Newsletter periodically in addition to this information packet. (1987)
  2. There will be no refunds on catalog ads unless they are left out entirely. The flyer requesting ads for the Specialty Catalog will state this policy. (1983)
  3. An advance order form for Specialty Catalogs will be included with the request for catalog advertising; the price including mailing should be A Person to handle mailing and marking of the advance order catalogs will be designated by the Specialty Chair. (1984)
  4. Regional Club rosters will be obtained by the Specialty Coordinator annually and sent on to the Membership The names of non-STCA members on these rosters will be added to the premium mailing list (or set of labels furnished to the Superintendent), which STCA gives the Superintendent. (1990)
  5. No free advertising pages in the Specialty Catalog will be exchanged for free samples of products distributed at Specialties. (1992)
  6. It is suggested that the list of individuals who have adopted Silky Terriers through Silky Terrier Rescue be obtained by the Specialty Coordinator so that those individuals may be added to the premium mailing list that STCA gives to the Superintendent.

Specialty Trophies

  1. Requests for Specialty donations will be requested specifically for the General Specialty Fund and not for a Specialty Trophy Fund.
  2. Any money solicitations for trophies must be used for trophies Donations and trophy spending will seldom work out to the exact same figure. Therefore, trophy donations are requested as donations to the GENERAL SPECIALTY FUND.
  3. All money and trophies donated to STCA become the Club’s property to be used as needed for trophies and/or related Specialty expenses as deemed appropriate by the Board/Trophy Chair and Specialty
  4. Trophy or General Specialty Fund Donations may not be accepted from a Member who is suspended from AKC unless the suspension ends before the premium list deadline. (1989) No exceptions. AKC can fine the Club and/or suspend STCA show privileges. This also means that they cannot be listed as a donor on any donor list until the suspension is over.
  5. Listings of Specialty Fund donors which are to appear in the Newsletter, Premium List, and Catalog will be listed in alphabetical order. (1978)
  6. Awards for regular Specialty wins, as listed in the catalog, are made in the ring. Other awards (this includes any awards noted on a page of advertising recognizing special awards) must be made outside the ring or at the Awards Dinner.
  7. Awards of Merit will be given (see awards section 7) and the way this is presented in the catalog must be exact. (1986-1987)
  8. The Judge will be sent guidelines on Awards of Merit ahead of time and a copy must be given to the Superintendent and ring steward. (1987)
  9. Photos of the challenge trophies should be on display at all Specialties. The Specialty Coordinator will be the custodian of The next Specialty Chair can store them but the Specialty Coordinator must always know their location. (1989) A signed receipt should be exchanged every time possession of these photos changes to the next Specialty group. The Specialty Coordinator will keep a file of the receipts so that if they are ‘lost’ there will be a record of the chain of transfers. (1990)

NOTE: Specialty 3X Win Trophy photos are the “only” trophies and may be displayed on the trophy table – all other 3X Challenge Trophies (Breeder Trophies) may be displayed elsewhere

  1. One Memorial trophy at Specialties will be limited to one per placement and will be taken on a first-come basis. They may be taken for Sweepstakes placing. (1986)
  2.  Memorial trophies may not be given by the same donor for the same place for two consecutive years unless there is no other donor request for that place. (1990)
  3. The minimum value of the Specialty 1X memorial trophies shall be $50. Donors may pay wholesale if they provide the trophy, but if the Trophy Chair is asked to purchase the same, then $50.00 must be sent in advance. No refund will be made if STCA purchases the same wholesale. (1989)
  4. Sweeps trophy sashes will be given 1-4 classes. Money for these comes from general fund (trophy) donations (1983) These special sashes for sweeps are considered the trophy for these class placements and no other additional trophies are necessary.
  5. The prize money for Specialty Sweepstakes wins shall be divided as follows: Retained by Club for expenses, 30% - First Place, 25% - Second Place, 20% - Third Place, 15% - Fourth Place, 10%. (1986)
  6. Trophy cards instead of the actual trophy may be given in the ring if deemed more
  7. AKC has ruled that no additional 3X trophies for regular places can be accepted. In lieu of this, we have the 3X breeders’ trophies, which are awarded at the dinner. (1986)
  8. A limit of $2500.00 can be spent on Specialty trophies including rosettes and ribbons, but excluding memorial trophies and Australian sashes. (2003)
  9. Specialty Sashes and rosettes shall be considered in the same category as the Memorial Trophies and thus may be offered and accepted for STCA Specialties to be awarded in addition to any other award offered for the same placing. (1977) Specifically this means that the Sashes are in the same awards category as the 1X memorial trophies, but the $50.00 minimum cost does not apply for obvious reasons.
  10. All trophies or monies received as trophy donations by STCA for any show, whether it be from individual STCA members or from outside sources, which are not awarded at a Specialty or other specifically named show for which it was offered because of lack of entry or for any other reason, becomes the property of STCA. It will be within the jurisdiction of the Club/Trophy Chair to handle these trophies and/or monies to be used at future shows as deemed fit and proper, without further acknowledgment to the original donor. (1965)
  11. Note: Basis for original trophy donation procedure/policy. Cash-only donations were requested for the Specialty trophies with the names of the donors being listed but not indicating who gave what trophy. The policy was established in the Newsletter and flyers were sent to Club Members. Show superintendents and veteran judges, upon being contacted, advised STCA not to accept any trophies from an organization not recognized by AKC, but we could accept individual trophies from individual people. (1966)
  12. Cash only is acceptable for Specialty show trophy donations. No Pledges will be accepted for the Trophy
  13. Any trophy donated for anything other than an AKC-approved placing cannot appear on the premium list (or catalog) and cannot be awarded in the ring.
  14. Leftover Specialty trophies may NOT be sold at the auction. (1991)
Annual Recognitions & Awards Requirements

(All Annual awards given by STCA will be identical Plaques) (2006)

Iradell Trophy

“The IRADELL TROPHY” is offered annually by STCA. It is awarded to the Silky Terrier dog/bitch with the Best of Breed wins during the year, where there are points in dogs/bitches and where at least two owners have Silkys in competition. Points toward this trophy are based on the total of the points ‘won’ by the Winners Dog and/or Winners Bitch. Owners and any co-owners must have been members of STCA for the entire calendar year.

Points are accumulated from Jan 1 through Dec 31. If there were no points in dogs/bitches, that show will not count and if there was only one owner in competition (classes and BOB), that show will not count.

Ms Earle’s desire was to have this award be not necessarily won by the Silky beating the most Silkys. This points system creates a more equitable opportunity for Silkys competing in areas of the country where total entries are low but points (especially majors) require fewer dog/bitch class entries. The AKC points schedule varies from region to region based on previous years' entries. This is adjusted every three (3) years based on the running average of dog/bitch class entries in a particular region.

Once the AKC report is received the show information is stripped out. Then the total of points awarded at each show: name of dog: owners of dog: and it is sorted alphabetically by dog name. The total of points won by each dog are totaled and you have the final ranking.

  1. The design of the trophy is to be a plaque the same as or of equal value to the Stroud Mandy Fowler CD Trophy. (1982)
  2. Only STCA Members are eligible for the
  3. The owners and any co-owners must have been members of STCA for the entire calendar (2001)
  4. The Annual Awards Coordinator selects and sends the Iradell
  5. This trophy was first offered by Mrs. N. Clarkson Earl, Jr. in 1959. This was prior to any rating systems for show dogs and Earl suggested a system for counting points toward the Trophy based on the total number of points in dogs and bitches. Mrs. Earl continued to offer the trophy through 1971 with the exception of 1969 when it was offered by STCA in memory of Mrs. Earl’s husband, Col. N. Clarkson Earl Jr. who had been selected to be the STCA’s first Delegate to the AKC; however, he died before he could fill the position. When Mrs. Earl disbanded her kennels and discontinued offering the trophy, STCA took over this annual award and followed Mrs. Earl’s suggested system for counting points toward the Trophy.

CH Weeblu’s Blaze of Joy ROMX Memorial Award

This award is offered by Florence Males, through the STCA, and was approved in 1981. It is awarded to the owner-handler of the Silky which has defeated the most dogs in the breed for the year. The owner and any co-owners must have been members of the STCA for the entire

calendar year. Recipient of the Ch. Weeblu’s Blaze of Joy Award receives a framed 8 ½ x 11 parchment with a portrait of Blaze muted in the background. This award is to be noted in the Yearbook.

The Alltogether Silky Terrier All-Breed Award

Offered by Elizabeth Harrison and Louise Rosewell through the STCA. It is awarded to the owner-handler of the Silky which has defeated the most dogs in the group for the year. The owner/handler must be a member of STCA for the entire calendar year. Additional owners do not need to be members of STCA. The recipient of this Award receives a framed 8 ½ x 11 parchment. This award is to be noted in the Yearbook. Owners and co-owners must have been members of STCA for the entire calendar year. (5/2014)


The Best Puppy in Sweeps Award

Mary Estrin and Diane Angeli offer this award in memory of Rick Nachman who was a longtime member of STCA (40+) years, AKC Judge, initiator of STCA Sweepstakes, and Breeder/Exhibitor of Silky Terriers. This award is to the breeder(s) of Best in Sweeps – Puppy. The winning dog and owner(s) may vary so long as the breeder(s) are exactly the same and are members of STCA. The trophy is a cold-cast bronze of two (2) Silkys playing. (9/2012) Owners and co-owners must have been members of STCA for the entire calendar year. (5/2014)

Stroud Mandy Fowler C.D. Obedience Trophy

Stroud Mandy Fowler C.D. was the first Silky to gain an AKC title which she did prior to AKC recognition of the breed. Miscellaneous Class Silkys were eligible to compete toward Obedience Titles. She was imported from Australia in 1955 by Zell Fowler Neilson who died in 1967. The Stroud Mandy Fowler C.D. Obedience Trophy was first awarded by STCA in 1979. It is awarded to the Silky Terrier which accumulates the greatest number of points based on the following point scale.

200 equals 8 points 185- 189.5 4 points

198-199.5 7 points 180- 184.5 3 points

195-197.5 6 points 175- 179.5 2 points

190-194.5 5 points 170- 174.5 1 points

As Performance events are executed by a Dog and Handler ‘Team’, the Handler must be a member of the Silky Terrier Club of America. Owners and co-owners must have been members of STCA for the entire calendar year. (5/2014)

Ch Lapsitter’s BJ Snowsilk NA Award for Top Silky in Agility

Ch Lapsitter’s BJ Snowsilk NA was the first Silky to gain an AKC title in Agility. She was owned and handled by Judi Carson and finished her NA title in 1994. This Award was first presented by S.T.C.A. in 2007 and is awarded to the silky terrier that accumulates the greatest number of points based on the point scale below:

As Performance events are executed by a Dog and Handler “Team”, the handler must be a member of the S.T.C.A. for one full year before eligibility to win this award.

  • The plaque will be the same as all awarded by T.C.A.
  • *Tie scores are broken by averaging all scores with a High score

STCA Annual SilkyTeen Activity Award

The STCA Annual SilkyTeen Activity Award is given to the SilkyTeen who accumulates the highest total activity points each year. The award is provided by the Chesapeake Silky Terrier Club and is a unique Silky figure on a wooden base created by Janet Aslett. (2000) The first presentation of this award was in 2000. It replaces the Blu-N-Tan Junior Showmanship Award. The award year is January 1st through December 31st. The SilkyTeen activities and point tally sheets are obtained from the SilkyTeen Coordinators. The SilkyTeens' participation in these activities must be certified by the parent’s signature on the tally sheet.

The point schedule is as follows:

Attended event/no placement 1 pt Class placement 2-4th 2 pt

1st place, BW, BOB, BOS 3 pt

1st place Obed./Agility 5 pt

1st place jr. Showmanship 5 pt 1st place Terrier trials 5 pt Canine Good Citizen Award 5 pt Therapy Dog Certification 5 pt

Best Jr. at National Specialty 10 pt

CH Aruma Nelslo’s Krystal Blue Memorial Trophy - Special One-Time Win Award

A specially designed plaque

  1. The donor is Arline Clark
  2. The trophy is for the first Silky to Become an Obedience Trial Champion
  3. It is for the dog that obtained 100 points which can only be won out of the Open B and Utility Classes, and complying with the AKC requirements (AKC Obedience Regulations Book, pg 44-45)
  4. The owner, or at least one co-owner, must be a member of STCA for the entire calendar year (5/2014)

*As of publication no Silky has qualified for this award.

 STCA Three-Time-Win Specialty Breed Challenge Trophies

For permanent possession: must be won three times by the same identical owner(s), not necessarily with the same dog, nor at consecutive shows. The American Kennel Club’s letter, dated November 17, 1971, confirms the Club’s requirement that all three-time-win Specialty trophies must have

identical ownership. A copy of this letter can be found in the History Section. The Silky Terrier Club of America offers the following Trophies for Competition at its Specialty Shows only, thru the generosity of the people named. Exception: Performance 3 X Challenge trophies are won by the “team” of dog and Handler – therefore it is the Handler and not the owner of Performance dogs that must qualify. Owners and any co-owners must have been members for STCA for the entire calendar year (5/2014)

  • Note: All retired 3X Trophies and winners are listed at the end of this

Best of Breed - The Lottablu Challenge Trophy In honor of Ch. Elfinsilk’s Rebel Agent. A round oxidized Silver Loving Cup, on a walnut base, the tiered lid has a Chris Baldwin bronze Silky on it. Offered by Paul and Carol Elliott. (1st offered in 2003)

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed- CH Midland’s Jan’s Wendy Ann Trophy (1st Re- offered 1998 by the 1971 winner) Silver plated serving piece offered by Merle & Peggy Smith in memory of Ellie Norton.

Best of Winners - Silkallure Challenge Trophy for Best of Winners Offered by Len & Lettie Pilley & Fred & Susan Stern a silver plated wine cooler (1st 1970)

Memorial Trophy for Winners Dog - Mary V. German, CH Tinker Blu Blazes Offered by Mr. & Mrs. James Young -silver plated tray -(1st offered in Aug. 1971)

Memorial Trophy for Winners Bitch - CH Aldoon Countess Candy Memorial Trophy for Winners Bitch Silver Plated Tray (First Sept.1971( by Mr. Mrs. W.G. Lehnig

The Rocky Challenge Trophy For the Highest Combined score in Open B & & Utility Classes Silverplated Coffee & Tea Set (Dolly & Raymond Foland - 2001)

The CH Amron’s Challenge Memorial Trophy For the Highest Scoring Dog in Agility Trial in memory of Ch. Amron’s Sensasha Bear II offered by Norma and Tom Baugh, Amron Silky Terriers. Statue on walnut base with an engraved plaque. (2002

STCA Three-Time-Win Specialty Breeder Challenge Trophies
  1. These trophies will be presented at the Awards They cannot be given in the ring at the Specialty or listed in the catalog.
  2. They have the same requirements as the Specialty 3X Win Trophies, except when donated by a club or for an Obedience win they don’t have to be Memorial. (1980-1990)
  3. They are allowed for the same placements as the Specialty 3X Win Trophies with the Addition of 1st in a Class and Best Puppy from Regular Classes (1990)
  4. These trophies must be won three times by the same owner, not necessarily with the same dog nor at consecutive shows.
  5. Owners and any co-owners must have been members of STCA for the entire calendar year (5/2014)

Breeder of the Best of Breed at the Specialty: The Snow Glen’s Breeder’s trophy offered in memory of Ch Snow Silk’s Jazz Dancer, ROM A Waterford Crystal Bowl offered by Judi Carson & Bernadette Fletcher,

Breeder of Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed: The Lana Thomas Memorial Trophy A Bronze Silky on a Walnut Base. Donated by friends of Lana Thomas. (2003)

Breeder of Best of Winners - The Southeast Silky Breeder’s Trophy a Silver Plated 9” Loving Cup on a 14” base, former Southeast Silky Social Club. (1989)

Breeder of Winners Dog - The Laurie A. Ericson Breeder’s Trophy, a Waterford Crystal Vase offered through the generosity of friends of Laurie Ericson. (1998)

Breeder of Winners Bitch - The Amron Silky Breeder’s Trophy offered in memory of Ch Amron’s Hug-A-Bear romx - a 6” Bronze Silky Terrier Sculpture on wood base offered by Tom & Norma Baugh. (1999)

Breeder of the Bred By Exhibitor Dog - The Ellie Norton Trophy, a Pewter & Brass Loving Cup offered through the generosity of friends of Ellie Norton. (1998)

Breeder of the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch - The Marjorie A. Craig Breeder’s Trophy a 10” Silver Plated Bowl on a mahogany base, offered by Dorothy Pritchard & Robert Craig. (1990)

Breeder of Best Puppy – Silky Terrier Club of Northern California Breeder’s Trophy a Waterford Crystal Trophy, offered by Silky Terrier Club of Northern California. (1989)

Additional Specialty Awards

Specialty SilkyTeen Obedience Trophy

This trophy is for the SilkyTeen with the highest qualifying score in obedience at each Specialty. STCA SilkyTeens only are eligible for this award (1992)

This trophy is provided by a donor or from the SilkyTeen budget. The SilkyTeen coordinators are responsible for obtaining a donor for this trophy. The design of this trophy should be standard from year to year. When there is no SilkyTeen in competition that gets a qualifying score at a Specialty the Trophy will be carried over and offered at a subsequent Specialty until won. Then a new donor will be found if the current donor does not wish to donate a replacement trophy.

  1. A Hospitality Room host/hostess shall be on duty during all open hours. Photo/scrapbooks cannot be displayed unless someone is specifically appointed to be responsible for their care and at no time are they to be left unattended in the hospitality room. They are irreplaceable if they “walk off”. (1987)
  2. If Three Time Win Breeders Trophy Photos are displayed in the Hospitality Room they are to have a “custodian” in attendance and subject to the same display rules as the scrapbooks.
  3. There is a $500.00 limit for food and drink purchased for the Hospitality (2002)
  4. There is a limit of $17.00 per person for table (2002)
  5. STCA will provide a complimentary room for the Specialty Chair and the Hospitality Room Host/Hostess if the hotel does not provide one. (2002)
  6. All dinner reservations (and money for same) will be sent to the Specialty Chairperson’s designated individual. (1993)
  7. The Show Chair MUST always make certain that the host hotel allows food to be brought in for the Hospitality Room (some do not, which is cost prohibitive for STCA) before signing the contract.
  1. The auction will be handled by the Specialty Chair or another person to whom they delegate the Having the auction is optional. (1983)
  2. It is permissible to have ‘door prize’ drawings periodically during the auction to encourage members to stay for the entire event. Tickets for said drawings will be given (free) to each person in attendance. Under no circumstance may the tickets for such a drawing be sold to those attending. (1990) Tickets for a ‘door prize’ should be passed out at the Annual Meeting or at the door when people enter They should not be included in any hospitality packet as not everyone gets one of these packets.
  3. A closing time for the auction should be 10:00 PM no matter how many items are to be Items still for sale after a specified closing hour can be offered in a silent auction in the Hospitality Room or during some other Specialty Week event.
  4. Leftover Specialty trophies may NOT be sold at the (1991)
  5. Money made from the auction will go towards defraying the expense of the (2003)
  6. Each Committee Chair of a fund or event can submit to the Specialty Chair one (1) item to be auctioned at the Live Auction each year for fundraising. (6/2011)
Specialty Pictures & Videos
  1. All official Specialty photographers agree to furnish STCA with a set of photos from WD through BOB and Best in Sweeps and Highest Scoring in Obedience. (1988)
  2. A request for a photo of the best Handler has been added to the list of requested photos from the photographer. However, if they do not agree to furnish the Club a copy of this win the Club will pay for it. (1989)
  3. Anyone visually recording a Specialty, with intent to sell copies, must agree to furnish a copy for STCA History files and, in turn, STCA guarantees it to be copy-protected by (1988 ) The Specialty Chair


should get a written contract stating this and confirming that STCA will get a free Club copy of the complete recording(s).

  2. Club copies of the Specialty winners’ photos will be sent to the Newsletter Editor who will then send them to the Yearbook Editor. After the Newsletter and Yearbook are through using them they will be sent to the STCA Historical Custodian for the scrapbooks. The photos should always be insured when they are mailed and a return receipt requested.

For extensive detail please check the Full Guidelines with the Specialty Coordinator and the Top Twenty Coordinator


Top Twenty Showcase Event

This event is to be a showcase for our Top 20 Silkys. It is by invitation and formal dress is encouraged. This is a separate event from the Specialty and should have its own Top Twenty Showcase Coordinator and committee responsible for expenses, judges selection, contact, and all details of putting on this Showcase. The time and place will be coordinated with the Specialty Chair.


  1. The Top Twenty Showcase Event is held in conjunction with the Specialty Show, but it is actually considered as a separate Each year’s Specialty Chair or Board will select a Top Twenty Showcase Coordinator, as appropriate. (2002)
  2. This Coordinator cannot be the Specialty Chair and should be someone who does not have a dog eligible to be invited to the Top Twenty Showcase Event (2002) This Coordinator works with the Specialty Chair to schedule the time, place, and particulars for the Top Twenty Showcase Event.
  3. The Top Twenty Showcase Event Coordinator will contact Judges for the Top Twenty Showcase Event and the names will remain secret until the event is held. (2002)
  4. Judges for the Top Twenty Showcase Event come at their own STCA has not approved a policy to pay their expenses. Any exception to this would need to have Board approval
  5. The official name for this event is the “Top Twenty Showcase Event”. (2003)


  1. Eligibility: Dogs eligible to be invited shall be those who are listed as the Top 20 in both Breed and All Breed points at the end of the year by Canine Chronicle magazine. Past winners are not eligible to compete again but are encouraged to be shown as “exhibit only” in a parade of past top twenty winners at the beginning of the event. This is a showcase and we hope that all of the eligible Silkys will be exhibited. The Top 20 Showcase Event will recognize a Top 20 Winner and a Top 20 Bred-By-Exhibitor Winner (BBE). (2005) To be eligible for the BBE award the breeder of the dog must be the exhibitor of the dog the night of the Top 20. (5/2010) Trophies: Winners and BBE Winner to be equal value ($50 max) (11/2012)
  2. Judges: Judges shall remain a secret until 1 hr. prior to the event. There are to be 3 judges, an AKC-approved Judge (Full Toy Group), a Silky Breeder Judge, and a Toy Breed Handler (hopefully one that has handled Silkys). Each dog will be judged in rotation by each of the 3 judges. Judges will be given an illustrated picture of a Silky (specifically the STCA Logo) with notations on the points of a Silky on

Using the Logo presents a good side view of a Silky and is a neutral picture. A uniform score sheet will be used for all showcases. There will not be more than three dogs in the ring at a time and the order of the ring entry shall be drawn just prior to going into the ring. Judging results are to be kept secret until the Annual Awards Banquet at which time the Winner and the Bred-By-Exhibitor Winner will be announced.

  1. Catalogs: A Top Twenty Showcase Event catalog will offer two pages for each One for a photo with pedigree and the 2nd page for a write-up by the Owner and/or Breeder. For those unable to attend the actual event, one page will be offered for a reduced fee. The entry fee includes the special rosette with dogs imprinted, two pages in the catalog, and a catalog. There is to be one page featuring each judge with a photo and bio. The basic rules will be printed in the catalog as well as the list of contributors. A copy of the Breed Standard should always be included in the catalog. (Check w/Coordinator re: printing) (11/2012)
  2. Forms: It is important for this event to have a basic standard. Therefore, copies of all the basic forms for the Top Twenty Showcase Event including a Judges Score, should be used with only minor changes as needed for dates, locations, and times. Get the forms from the Specialty Coordinator.
  3. Tabulators: Three individuals selected by the Chair will tabulate the score sheets from the Top Twenty Showcase Event. No score sheets will be provided to participants. The Chairperson will destroy all score sheets.
  4. Funding: The top 20 funds are to be reported separately by the STCA Treasurer. (2005 ) All funds for Top 20 are donations from membership and the entry fee of $65.00, approval of the Board is required (Check with the Treasurer for previous years' budgets) (11/2012)
  5. Food/Beverage: There will be a fee to each individual to cover the cost of refreshments/catalogs. The fee should be kept between $20 and $30 (particularly if there are two “full meals” offered during the Specialty Event.) (11/2012)
  6. Extras: Any extras offered will be by donations: table gifts, entrant’s gifts, special favors, and décor. Special Board approval must be obtained before STCA will pay for anything other than outlined Consider providing centerpieces that may be auctioned off to cover the cost, etc. (easy transport) (11/2012)

Beverly Lehnig Memorial Challenge Trophy

The Top Twenty 3 X Challenge Memorial Trophy is in honor of Beverly Lehnig – This trophy will be a cold cast bronze Silky atop a wood pedestal with an engraved plate.

This trophy is being established by Diane Angeli, Mary Estrin, and Richard Nachman, friends of Beverly Lehnig. This award is to be earned by the breeder(s) of three (3) Top Twenty Event wins. The dog and owner may be different but the breeder(s) must be exactly the same for each winner. This trophy will be 1st offered at the 2010 Top event. (5/2009)

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